Best Types Of Flooring For Stairs

Best Types Of Flooring For Stairs
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: August 1, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

There are several things to consider while selecting the floor for your staircase. However, given that stairways are likely to see the greatest traffic in your home, durability and practicality are undoubtedly the most crucial factors.

The flooring on your staircase increases safety throughout your home. Your property must have at least two stories to secure this high-traffic area. Renovating the flooring can help. If it’s your first time thinking about a makeover, you might not know how to choose the proper material due to the abundance of options on the market.

A Few Considerations Before Choosing Stairs Flooring Material

Safety Is The First Priority

Safety is a key factor when selecting a material for your staircase. A single-stringer staircase may appear elegant, but there are other considerations, especially if you care for injured family members.

Finding non-slip materials is important if you want to keep your steps secure. Doing this is essential for households with children and family members with restricted mobility. So, you won’t have to repair your floors as a soft and sturdy substance with increased traction.

Noise Level

Homes frequently include stairs next to or near living areas like living rooms or dining rooms. As a result, you might choose to utilize noise-reducing flooring. People can move around the house quietly with this flooring without disturbing family members in their rooms.

When remodeling your staircase, take into account the design of your house. Modern structures look great with a floating steel staircase, and various architectural types work well with carpeted stairs.

Different Flooring Options For Stairs

Wooden Stairs And Wood Flooring

Flooring designers are increasingly offering unique wood and modern stair flooring options, such as mosaic parquetry or wooden flooring in an antique style, in addition to more standard timber floorboards.

The natural appearance and warmth of wood flooring are constantly present in a space. Solid wood is used in producing several flooring kinds, although engineered wood is used in most of them.

On the other hand, treads are a structural component of a custom staircase and must be made from superior solid wood. Therefore, even though they were made of different materials and have varying thicknesses, the challenge is to match staircases to floors.

All of those inherent characteristics must be considered to get the desired outcome. On solid wood stairs and wood floors, the treatment and finishing of the wood are also different.

Carpet Flooring

We recommend choosing high-quality but reasonably priced wood if you want to match the risers and treads to the upstairs carpet. Fir or, in some circumstances, even pine wood are options you have.

In actuality, the carpet will nearly entirely enclose the treads. Making them out of high-end, pricey woods doesn’t make sense because of this. Once the carpet is properly glued, double-sided carpet tape or staples will be used to attach it to the treads.

Carpet with a short or loop pile is the best type for stair flooring. These dense carpets can withstand wear and tear from heavy traffic while offering some padding. You lower your carpet’s risk of deterioration by using a high-quality pad. Carpeted stairs are another excellent choice if your rise is greater.

Tiles Flooring

Applying tiles to a wooden stairway is usually not a simple task. Thus, it is best to have a professional do it. Work your way down the tread as you begin tiling.

There are numerous design options available when using natural stone or ceramic tiles. Tiles are available in various colors, shapes, sizes, and textures, and you may use them in combination with other materials such as wood or laminate flooring.

Even though tile can feel chilly to walk on barefoot, it is a long-lasting material.

Vinyl Flooring

For several factors, vinyl flooring is a great choice for staircases. Its benefits for dogs and other pets make it the finest stair flooring. Therefore, you won’t have to be concerned about your furry pets climbing and descending them.

Laminate Flooring

A cheaper alternative to achieve a wood effect is laminate. Compared to hardwood or carpet, the laminate’s strong surface won’t show dents or scratches, making it adaptable and simple to maintain.

However, keep in mind that depending on the size of your steps, certain laminate floorings feature a click-together construction that could make installation more difficult.

Bottom Line

Consider what is most important when choosing the stairs for your home. If your family is active, durability is essential. If your family is busy, you need something that cleans up quickly. There is undoubtedly a choice for you, regardless of the kind of family you have.

Above all, carpet is perhaps one of the most preferred stair flooring solutions, and it’s simple to understand why. Loop pile carpets aren’t advised for dogs since claws might get tangled in the loops, so if you have any furry companions, twist pile carpets are the ones for you.

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