What are the applications of water jet cutting?

the applications of water jet cutting
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: June 8, 2022
  • Updated On: July 9, 2023

Today, metal cutting services are getting flourished, bringing innovations in their services. For example, the waterjet cutting process is considered one of the best improvements in metal cutting service industries.

Today, waterjet cutters are considered the most precious equipment, helping us cut metals and other elements to bring efficiency to our productivity. Waterjet cutters are also considered the most versatile equipment in the industries.

When it comes to talking about the applications of the cutting machines or waterjet cutting machines, the possibilities may be endless.

Here we would like to share with you that waterjet cutting applications include stones & tiles cutting, glass cutting, metal cutting, ceramics cutting, foam & rubber cutting, textiles cutting, industrial boards cutting, food items cutting, and more.

This article further consists of the ideas of what industries use waterjet cutters. As well as this, we have also discussed the ideas of what things one must remember about the Waterjet cutting applications. So, let’s start our discussion here;

What industries use waterjet cutters?

 water jet cutting is working at a factory

The advantages of waterjet machining are highly considered because they support a wide range of materials. Today, we see that the waterjet cutters or waterjet machining are facilitating almost all the industries working to make life easy and possible.

For example, waterjet cutting is a preferable method for the food processing industries. The reason behind this preference is that the method involves high sanitation. As well as this, the method helps preserve the integrity of the food without contaminating it.

The Aeroscope industry is also getting facilitated by using waterjet cutting applications, such as CNC waterjet machine.

The waterjet cutters are especially used when making turbine blades, jet engine parts, and other equipment. Similarly, these cutters also help automotive industries to make the required incisions for fine engine components and additional gear parts.

Medical industries are also using these machining or cutting services to improve their tasks. For example, medical industries use waterjet cutters to manufacture various medical and surgical equipment.

As there is a possibility of angular cuts, these cutters help create complex equipment for liposuction applicators, bone divisions, liver resection, and other methods.

At the same time, the importance of waterjet cutting can never be denied in the industry of architecture and art. Using waterjet cutters is the ideal option for cutting cement boards, metals, fiberglass, and other materials used in construction work.

The industry of manufacturing electrical instruments is also getting facilitated by the innovation of the waterjet cutters.

For example, the electronic or microelectronic components are heat sensitive. Due to heat, their electrical properties may change. This is why the waterjet cutting process, like abrasive waterjet machining, is highly preferred to do this job more accurately.

The laboratories and experimental departments are also using the waterjet cutting services, such as abrasive waterjet cutting services, to create common lab equipment, including stainless steel and alloys.

In addition, the materials used to make experimental equipment can also be handled byabrasive water jet machining. In the end, we would also like to share an idea that the abrasive water jet cutting process is also used in the gas and oil manufacturing industries.

For example, the process is used to cut materials like Hastelloy, Inconel, and stainless steel, helping create subsea gas equipment. Remember that there are no heat-effect zones, so abrasive waterjet equipment is more preferred and reliable compared to other heat-cutting alternatives.

Things to remember about waterjet cutting applications

 waterjet cutting applications used in water work project

You need to remember the things and features of the waterjet cutting application, helping you know how the waterjet cutting process works:

The process helps you cut a pre-required shape out of a material, increasing the efficiency of the actual cutting process. In addition, the whole waterjet cutting process is completely recyclable.

So, the water shortage is not a problem when using waterjet cutters. Almost all the cutting methods produce a significant heat in the surroundings, known as heat-affected zones.

However, there is no physical contact of the cutter head with the object, so there is no heat formation. CAD designs help Waterjet cutters to make any required cut automatically. Remember that for normal cutting applications, CAD designs are easily accessible online.


We can conclude our discussion with the idea that waterjet cutting applications are so versatile and are used in a variety of industries.

As well as this, we also came to know that the waterjet cutting method is far superior to other traditional cutting alternatives. All these ideas make waterjet cutting applications ideal for all industrial operations regardless of their scalability.

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