What is a Penthouse?

A beautiful penthouse
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  • Posted On: December 6, 2022
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While adventures are champagnes for life in the outside world, luxurious living units help stay away from monotony inside the house.

A penthouse apartment is one such lavish unit of residence generally located on the top floor of a building. It provides the occupants with not just the aesthetical panoramic views of their ambient neighborhood and the city skyline but also a comfortable living.

Etymology of Penthouses

The rising population in urban centers necessitated the construction of private, isolated apartments that do not lie in the proximity of city’s hustle and bustle.

Therefore, instead of expanding horizontally, high-rise buildings began to be considered a plausible option for accommodating people, with their needs not compromised. The construction of a penthouse also substantiates this concept of isolated, luxurious living with all demands catered to.

Features of a Penthouse

Following are some of the features of a penthouse apartment:

  • It is generally constructed in open and less crowded localities such as close to the summit of a hill or at the top floor of a multi-story apartment, hotel or tower.
  • It is very airy and provides effective ventilation and unobstructed light inside the apartment through oversized windows and vaulted ceilings.
  • Instead of traditional masonry walls, glass walls are used and they provide better sound insulation.
  • In most cases, a private garden is a part of the house and is only reserved for the family occupants. In some cases, there is an adjunct swimming pool, too, compounding luxuries under a single roof.
  • The apartment has upgraded appliances and fixtures, smart features abound and a special lighting facility to illuminate the ambience.
  • The rooms are spacious and the apartment has surplus rooms for office work or a den space.
Penthouse interior

Penthouse interior

Opulent residents of a city who seek luxurious living will have their living concerns covered in a penthouse apartment.

The ambience in such a house will help them escape the hassle of everyday life and seek comfort in their personal space. However, the cost of such a lavish living also compounds with the prestige of amenities and is, therefore, unaffordable for the majority of the local population.

Design Philosophy

The design of penthouses stands differentiated from other apartments in the same building in terms of upgraded amenities such as high-tech appliances, royal interior finishing, comfortable indoor and outdoor furniture, ample space for indoor activities and the finest fittings.

High vaulted ceilings inside the apartment make the inside airier and more spacious. Even when the available floor area is small, vaulted ceilings help in creating an illusion of a large available space. Access to a penthouse is via a separate elevator, that serves manifold functions including providing residents with access to pick-up and home delivery.

Pros and Cons of Living in a Penthouse

Investment in a penthouse real estate is recession-proof and the prices, as is evident, are bound to experience sporadic, sharp hikes with time.

The ultimate luxury offered in a penthouse makes living comfortable by isolating the residents from all sorts of interruptions. The panoramic views of the city are eye-catching spectacles and one can clearly witness that sky is the limit for luxurious living.

Luxurious interior of a penthouse

However, living in a penthouse is not something every Tom, Dick and Harry can afford. The cost of living is skyrocketing as the amenities pile up to display lavishness. Consequently, the maintenance cost of such a house is also a whooping sum.

In addition, located at the top of a building, these houses are more exposed to heat and sunlight which make the interior sultry. Since there are no floors on the top of a penthouse, rainfall and other precipitation events may cause water to seep inside the apartment.

Therefore, the weather shield in the case of a penthouse located at the top-most story of a building is a challenge often encountered.

The Prices of Penthouses in the US

Although the term penthouse is itself a status symbol based on the luxury package it offers, the living cost in penthouses varies from place to place and building height. The price range can be $1.5 million to $70 million depending upon the US state and the occupancy level in it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are penthouses named so?

The word penthouse is derived from an old French word ‘apentis’ which means ‘an attached building’. Therefore, a penthouse is a luxurious unit of living appended on the top of high-rise buildings.

What is the difference between a penthouse and an apartment?

Unlike regular apartments, a penthouse offers exclusivity and privacy, eye-catching views and a spacious and lavish interior, serving all the needs of occupants under a single roof.

Should one consider living in a penthouse?

Extreme weather conditions may land the residents in pesky and unavoidable situations. Keeping aside the initial cost of a penthouse, the maintenance required is often more frequent than that in regular apartments. Therefore, it is often touted that the building story just underneath the top story is the ideal location for the construction of a penthouse.

Do penthouses take up a whole floor?

A penthouse generally encompasses an entire story and also provides outdoor spacing to its residents.

Do penthouses have added security?

Most penthouses do have added security in the form of intercoms. However, even in the absence of any additional security, penthouses are generally not constructed on top of ordinary buildings.

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