The Best Type of Paint for A Laundry Room to Try

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  • Posted On: December 18, 2021
  • Updated On: December 11, 2023

Doing laundry isn’t always pleasant, but having a beautifully painted room can change the mood big time. When thinking about painting your little laundry room, it’s critical to choose a color that appeals to you and one you won’t tire of seeing. 

For instance, you may not want to paint your bedroom a zingy lime green, you can choose one warm laundry room paint color to help you get through the tasks a little faster. Paint producers have created a wide choice of paint finish possibilities as laundry rooms have become larger. Today, we’ll look at a product that can give your laundry room the finish it deserves.

Factors to Consider for Laundry Room Paint Sheen

Because the laundry room is a high-moisture environment, semi-gloss paint is commonly used throughout. However, a few other criteria influence the type of paint that should be used. 

Use of Moisture Resistant Paint

Humidity and moisture are more likely to build up in small laundry rooms and rooms with no ventilation. As a result, semi-gloss to high-gloss paint is necessary.

More paint treatments can be accommodated in larger laundry rooms. Semi-gloss paint is appropriate for the walls closest to the washer and dryer, while eggshell, matte, or satin paint can be used for the rest of the room, including accents.

Select the Type of Paint Sheen

While redesigning your laundry room, the type of paint itself is a crucial factor to consider. Even while matt finish paint has a beautiful appearance, it is not the most practical of finishes, particularly in areas with a lot of use, like a laundry room.

Here, it is recommended to avoid matte paint finishes and opt for something with a greater gloss level. The ideal paint for laundry rooms is satin because, if necessary, it can be quickly cleaned. Also, this finish will assist in shielding the wall from any moisture buildup in the room.

Using a satin paint finish is strongly advised if your laundry room is extremely small and has poor airflow. The eggshell finish is suitable for bigger laundry rooms.

Choose Neutral Colors for the Laundry Room

Choose cream, beige, or gray-toned tones as alternatives to white for the primary neutral color of the walls. Whether you have a countertop area or bespoke cabinets, you may finish them in white. Nevertheless, you should also choose a neutral accent color on the walls to help the space feel more lively.

Always select a brighter tint for laundry rooms without windows to help lighten the area. Decorating the rest of your home will majorly impact the neutral color you choose for your laundry room. A consistent color scheme will help maintain a coherent design if you use more greys overall.

Conversely, creams and beige may be excellent choices for considerably warmer tones. From there, you might consider your alternatives for accent colors.

Best Paint Finish for Laundry Room for a Fresh Look 

Everyone has their own style of doing things, including spending the day completing chores. You might choose laundry room paint sheen the shade that fits the vibe you want – or need. Many people want to feel energized when they go to complete their duties. Others like a calmer environment that allows them to concentrate mentally on a task.

It’s all about making laundry day a more enjoyable activity at the end of the day. Here are some of the best laundry room color ideas that will make you look forward to laundry day.

White Paint Sheen

White is a no-fail choice since it is airy and light. It’s as spotless as a laundry room should be, and it’s adaptable enough to work with any secondary color from furniture or appliances. However, it produces an appealing visual contrast when coupled with black washers and dryers. Hence the reason it is considered one of the best paint finishes for laundry room.

Satin Paint

Another unique laundry room paint sheen is satin. It has a higher gloss than eggshell but not as high as a semi-gloss finish. Satin is distinguished from flat and eggshell sheens by its ability to be wiped clean, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is also a preferable option for more functional spaces, such as family rooms, laundry rooms, and children’s bedrooms. It’s ideal for kitchens and bathrooms as well because it absorbs moisture well.

This type of paint for laundry rooms has an adaptable shine and is also suitable for guest bedrooms, trim, shutters, and doors. Another advantage of satin sheen is that it resists mildew, grime, and stains. Satin sheen is easier to clean than flat or eggshell sheen paints. Only a gentle cleaning is required.

Classic Gray

While vibrant hues are fun for a splash of color, homeowners prefer something simply neutral like classic gray for laundry room paint sheen. If you’re worried about a light color in a laundry room getting dirty, we recommend focusing on the paint’s longevity. Make sure you pick paint and shine that will withstand water and dirt.

Grey paint is a great alternative to white for an elegant look. This color has become increasingly fashionable in recent years, particularly in minimalism. It looks great with other neutral colors, blues, and yellows.

Beige Paint

Beige lends a touch of warmth to the space, but not enough to create a gloomy atmosphere. The lighter shades of brown, red, orange, and yellow, among others, make everything look brighter and go with a larger range of colors. Beige can be used as a transitional hue between rooms because it is a warm neutral.

Pale Blue with White 

One of the best types of paints for a laundry room is the combination of two colors. A Pale Blue and a bright white combination is a timeless paint sheen. It will make the laundry room feel light and airy and thus will warm up the space as long as you choose to add wooden cabinets.

Royal Blue 

Blue represents confidence. Although neutral colors are a clear preferred choice, adding royal blue into the mix is not a bad option. You can pair this paint sheen with a white floor or a mix of black and white floor. Houses located near the sea can consider such a color to liven up the most functional room in the house. 

Pale Lavender 

It is rather unusual paint for the laundry room but it’s fun to pick unprecedented colors, right? To have a good time while completing your home chores, adding a cheerful color will encourage you to do that work happily! Pale lavender adds a touch of surprise sophistication to the laundry room. You can pair it off with brass or gold hardware for the cabinetry. 

Sage Green

A room with a water theme would naturally feature soft blues and greens. For a calming neutral vibe, choose a light sage green that has been subdued. For an earthy yet luminous impression, pair it with white walls and stainless steel appliances. Or, for a cozy touch, install floating shelves made of natural wood.

Pastel and Muted Paint 

You can play around with colors other than safe neutrals in the laundry room. Because pastel and muted hues give your home more energy without overpowering it, you can use them to bring more individuality to your environment.

To make your utility room appear livelier and more welcoming, try pairing cool neutrals with tones like sage, pink, yellow, cornflower, and mint green.

Redend Paint

You can’t go wrong with Redend paint for a warm, inviting vibe. It goes well with warm white, natural wood tones, and black for contrast. It is a warm hue for walls and cabinetry.  at the laundry area. This shade of blush-beige finds the perfect mix between adding color to any space and acting as a warm, caring neutral.

Cedar Green

Make a bold statement and invigorate your laundry area with this vibrant green paint color. Cedar Green combines the calming properties of blues and greens combined with the intensity of vibrant hues for a splash of color. 

If you’ve been thinking about painting your house a striking hue. The ideal place to do it is your laundry room. Since laundry rooms are sometimes tucked away, smaller spaces in the house, they’re excellent places to play around with color. Thus, introducing color may infuse vitality into a room that is frequently disregarded.


Designers advocate choosing lighter colors with a high-gloss shine when painting a laundry room without windows. These paints can help simulate natural light’s effects and make the space appear brighter.

Furthermore, while pure white is often thought to have the same effect, it is preferable to avoid it. Pure white looks best in naturally lit areas but might look drab in a room with no windows. But it is still completely your choice. You can also choose other colors according to your laundry room’s specifications.


  • What Finish to Use in the Laundry Room?
    It is preferred to look for refreshing colors to uplift the small laundry room. Therefore Hancock Green, Soleil, or Polar Sky are some of the best laundry room paint sheen options to consider.
  • What is the Best Paint Finish for a Laundry Room?
    Semi-gloss paint is considered to do quite well as a clear finish for the laundry room. It is also a suitable option for bathrooms and kitchens. It is moisture resistant therefore the reason why it is one of the best paint finishes for the laundry room.
  • What is the Most Durable Paint Finish for a Laundry Room?
    A gloss paint sheen is the most durable choice for a laundry room. It is easy to clean ultra-shiny and light-reflecting.
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