Why Corian® Makes the Best Vanity Tops

The Best Quality Vanity Top Set Is Fixed In A Bathroom
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: October 26, 2022
  • Updated On: July 11, 2023

It’s not enough to have any vanity; vanity tops should be highly functional with over-the-top aesthetics. In addition, various technological advancements in the construction industry provide incredible options for building materials.

Whether you’re a property owner or designer, opting for the unmatched beauty of Corian® vanity tops for the bathroom is a great solution. So, are Corian® vanity tops good value for your money?

Numerous Choices for Your Preference

From numerous colour and texture choices and effortless-to-clean material to no visible joins, there is more than one reason to fall in love with these vanity tops. The multiple innovative designs also make it ideal for complementing a modern style. And whether you want to erect a large vanity top or a small wash station, nothing is out of reach.

Better still, you can set yourself out of the crowd with bespoke benchtop designs for your bathroom. Gather ideas, and some designers will be happy to bring them to life in a unique way.

Perfect for Commercial Applications

Corian® is applicable in both residential and commercial properties. Corian® benchtops are made for any environment requiring a high level of hygiene standards, making them perfect for sensitive places where health and hygiene are of the essence. These include hospitality venues, aged care facilities, laboratories, hospitals, retail, and commercial kitchens. Corian® is resistant to germs and viruses and features non-toxic and effortless-to-clean qualities.

Is Corian® a Worthwhile Investment?

Yes, it is. Corian® is an excellent addition to any property. But with various options in the market, why settle for Corian®?

Topmost modern surface

Wish to go the extra mile with your benchtop design? Corian® sets the best aesthetics with two-thirds natural minerals and a third acrylic binder. Corian® sheets are also straightforward to maintain and work with, feature seamless joins, and only require to be cut and fitted on-site. This accommodates an array of possibilities in individual rooms of the house and commercial spaces.

Resistance to stain

Most materials can be eye-catching initially, but the lustre often goes away soon after. Corian® is a highly stain-resistant surface that doesn’t require intensive cleaning efforts. Due to the elimination of joins in the installation stage: dirt, mildew, viruses, and germs have no place to hide, accumulate, and ruin the vanity top’s beauty.

Cleaning Corian® surfaces is simple and only requires a microfiber cloth and soapy water. Corian® is a solid surface whose colours and textures run the entire thickness, distinct from most composite surface materials. This makes it difficult to wear or fade.

Allows for repairs

Corian® boasts more extended durability than other options in the market, offering more years of use. Still, it is designed to provide seamless repairs when the inevitable finally happens. When other surfaces chip or crack, you have to replace them entirely. With Corian®, the chips can be restored quickly without leaving any sign of damage.

Good for the environment

You’re not alone if you evaluate your building choices based on their environmental effects. Either way, Corian® is still an excellent choice. It is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly surface that goes through the highest standards in the manufacturing process. This process aims to limit waste and consume the least possible energy.

Moreover, the material and adhesives utilised during the installation stage are Green Guard Indoor Air Quality Certified. Corian® material is inert and inactive and doesn’t produce any gases under normal temperatures. Interestingly, when burnt, it doesn’t release toxic carbon oxides or halogenated gases.


Whether constructing or remodelling your home or commercial property, you won’t run out of reasons to choose Corian®. Besides, it accommodates various styles with its groundbreaking designs and colours. Meet your unique needs without compromising preference and personal style with Corian® vanity tops!

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