Why Hardwood Flooring Is An Excellent Home Flooring Option

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  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: March 7, 2023
  • Updated On: July 11, 2023

Hardwood flooring is made of wood planks from the timber of oak, pine, maple, fir, birch, cherry, beech, and bamboo trees which comes in various styles, cuts, and colors. Hardwood flooring is among the most widely selected options because it’s classic, long-lasting, and has an elegant aesthetic.

Here are the reasons why hardwood flooring is an excellent home flooring option:

Practical And Cost-Efficient

Hardwood floors are expensive to purchase. It’s costly compared to carpets and tiles. But in the long run, it saves you a lot of money from maintenance and repair costs because it’s easy to clean and hardly gets damaged. It guarantees it’ll last a lifetime, making it a valuable investment for your time and effort.

Elevates The Look Of Your Home

Wood floors aren’t only elegant, but it’s also warm in appearance. It gives a feeling of coziness too. It looks elegant and serves as a neutral background for your chosen theme and decoration. It’s a great selection since it matches all furniture well. It’s also believed that wood floors make the space look wider.

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Warm floor - the concept of floor heating and wooden panels.

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Low Maintenance And Easy To Clean

Hardwood floors are effortless to clean. It can be swept, vacuumed, or steam cleaned to eliminate dust and dirt. It doesn’t collect allergen-causing chemicals, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and some other harmful elements that may cause allergies. Tiled floors have grout, dirt, and mold that can build up and get trapped there, making them hard to clean and maintain. Dust and dirt from wood floors can be wiped down instantly and is stain-resistant compared to carpeted floors.

Increased Value In Your Property

Flooring is the most used surface at home. It’s expected to be durable and withstand its constant use. A house with a wood floor is advantageous if you’re planning to sell your house.

Nobody would like to use somebody else’s carpet as it poses the risk of allergies and diseases. Some buyers want the carpet cleaned or replaced before moving in. Proper cleaning and refinishing will do the trick if you have a wood floor. Houses with hardwood floors are most likely to sell faster and even at a higher price.

Strong And Durable

Property owners choose wood floors because of their durability. It’s resilient and abrasion resistant. It can also last a lifetime if properly maintained. There may be scratches and small dents, but the hardwood won’t be strongly damaged and will remain intact. It’s a good purchase that’ll last from generation to generation.

Complements With All Kinds Of Furniture

Wood floors come in different cuts, shapes, shades, swirls, and grains. You can install it as a plank, strip, or geometric pattern.

Regardless of your choice, it can adapt to almost whatever theme or furniture your home has. You can always repaint the walls and change the mirror, paintings, and other accents or decorations, but the hardwood floor will still match your preferred interior design. It’s like a blank canvas but is already elegant on its own.

Can Be Refinished

If you intend to change the shade or color of your wood floor or get rid of the scratches, you can refinish or re-stain it. You need to sand and buff the wood floor, apply the stain, and seal it.

Your flooring will look good as new. You can save a significant amount of money as you don’t need to install a new set of hardwood flooring. It also applies if you’ve bought a new home and want to improve the color and quality of the hardwood. Experts recommend refinishing your hardwood floor every ten years to retain its beauty.

Eliminates Allergens And Improve Indoor Air Quality

Carpets catch and harbor dust, pollen, and pet dander that may cause allergies if goes into the air and are inhaled. Carpets require thorough and deep cleaning to remove these allergens while hardwood doesn’t. These elements may get in the grout of the tiles. That’s why the wood floor is recommended for people prone to allergies.

Improve Acoustics In Your House

Wood floors can reduce noise disturbance and sound vibration. It prevents sound from traveling from room to room and floor to floor.

Final Thoughts

Hardwood floors may be costly compared to carpeted and tiled floors, but it’s a practical investment you may want to consider. It’s not only durable, beautiful, and elegant, but it’s also timeless. Interior decoration and style may change, but hardwood floors remain a classic that will match everything in your home.

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