34 ideas on how to decorate your small living room

ideas on how to decorate your small living room
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: July 19, 2022
  • Updated On: July 10, 2023

Sky Marketing presents the best ideas you need to know to decorate your small living room.

The living room is the heart of the home and is also a key area where you need to focus when designing. The space needs to be livable. Whether it’s a small apartment, a studio, a small house or just a small room, the living room in any home needs to be functional, but it can also be elegant and spacious if you use the right tricks!

Whether it’s small and narrow or cramped and clunky, following our tips and using our ideas as inspiration, we can help you make a small living room turn into a big, beautiful room.

Light Colors and Walls

Whether you’re starting from scratch or even renovating again, walls are where you want to start. Your choice of colors and/or wall ideas will dictate how you move forward. Here are some ways they can inspire you.

room is decorated on simple idea using lamp, sofa and so on

White Room

One of the oldest and most useful tricks, white is a great way to make any room feel more spacious. You can opt for standard white or off-white like an eggshell to add another dimension.

Either way, this paint choice will help reflect light into your less spacious room. Feel free to use it alone to create a more minimalist look or as a base for additional decor!

Add Colors

If white isn’t for you or you’re feeling more experimental but still want to create a sense of more space, you also have the option to add color! Soft, pastel tones work great in a room lacking square footage and are a great alternative if you find white too boring. These keep the room fresh and breathable while being lively and interesting.


It’s great to add some features to the walls if you want to put some of your own style and personality into the room. Things like patterned wallpaper or darker paint allow you to keep the room spacious but more vibrant with that splash of creativity.

These differentials can work in combination with the lighter colors of the other walls and work as a great contrast to maintain interest in various areas of the room. You may also check https://www.skymarketing.com.pk/rawalpindi/blue-world-city/ apartments to have more walls ideas.

Creative Ideas for Designs

Mirrors really are a great friend when it comes to design – especially in smaller spaces! You can have a whole wall of mirrors or even a beautiful and modern design piece made of mirror leaning against the wall.

With that, you have immediately changed the whole dynamic. Mirrors reflect light around the room and create the illusion of space — something that is always a bonus!

Best Ideas for Small Living Rooms

Even in smaller spaces, you can get creative with your project’s design floor plan. You may be limited in space but not limited in what you can add or do with it.

Room has simple elegant interior

A fresh and simple room looking beautifiul

How to Assemble a Living Room and Dining Room Together

See the below video with ideas for living room dividers and other rooms

Floor Characteristics

If an accent wall isn’t what you’re after, don’t be afraid to add some personality elsewhere in the room! A great way to do this and make the room cozier is by adding a rug why not add some depth with a patterned rug..

They come in all shapes and sizes and can even be made specifically to fit different shaped rooms. If you’re looking for a more elegant white vibe on the walls, why not add some depth with a patterned rug.

Color combination is a great idea to decorate your room

Artistic Style

Maybe you like an artist, or maybe you just want to show off a recent purchase, or maybe you want something more than a white wall — art is the way forward! A few nails — or easy-to-install, non-intrusive methods. Hang the piece of art and see it instantly become the focal point of the room.

Artistic Style is a best idea for room decoration

Wall Space Options

What to do with wall space can leave anyone with a dilemma, but there are plenty of options.

If art isn’t your thing, how about a more personal touch by framing and hanging personal photos throughout the room — this creates a sense of home and lets you avoid bare walls. If all else fails, television is here to save the day. Hang a flat screen on the wall and turn the room into a cozy living and entertaining area.

Vertical Space

If you’re done with wall space, why not utilize the often overlooked vertical space. A set of floor-to-ceiling curtains can add warmth to the room while also allowing you to get creative in your curtain design.

Another idea is to forget about the basic light fixtures and do everything. You can install a beautiful vintage chandelier that is not just a talking point but also practical and functional.

Dream Architecture

Sometimes moving to a new build can leave you wondering what to do with the place, but we’ve provided plenty of ideas on how to deal with a blank floor plan. Now imagine remaking a classic building with original features – own them and work with them to create a beautiful room.

Neat clean look of room is amazing

Stone Work

Exposed brick or faux brick has become increasingly popular over the years, so if you have the option to keep your building’s foundation exposed in a beautiful way, use it! Not only is this an interesting aspect of any room, but it saves on decor and allows you to use this as your highlight in your room.


interior of room is very attractive

An addition that people would kill for sometimes happens to be something that cannot be removed. An original fireplace in any building allows you to design your room around it.

Whether functional or not, the addition of Antique Fireplaces adds a nice rustic feel to a room that helps with the overall sense of “living” in the living room. Expand that and design your room around it!


Many homes these days – especially apartments, find themselves using space for a variety of reasons. Why not take advantage of this and use your space for both functional and elegant reasons.

Use a small table and chairs to serve as a relaxation space and dining area – a folding table works great here as it gives you the ability to work in that space, eat in that space and, if the occasion calls for it, entertain dinner guests.


Light is an extremely important element in smaller spaces as it sets the mood and keeps the room from feeling dreary and claustrophobic. There are two main types of lighting: natural and artificial. Both can be used individually and together to bring light to any small area.

low lighting in room gives a next level peace to eyes and mind

hanging lights is A best idea for room interior

Natural Light

Natural lighting is great for showcasing paint or wallpaper. Doors shed natural light and can be manipulated through curtains and blinds to create any desired effect.

Living areas tend to need a softer touch, so this manipulation works very well in creating a calming atmosphere in the room. Mirrors are a great way to reflect natural light around a room, especially if the room is awkwardly shaped!

Artificial Light

If natural lighting isn’t reliable or efficient enough, artificial lighting can kick in and actually works better in certain ways. Accent lighting can be used to draw attention to a key point in your living room, such as artwork or sculptures.

At the same time, task lighting works exactly as it says, aiding in task completion. Although functional, lighting is important in creating ambiance and atmosphere. Used correctly, it enhances all the design fundamentals and the overall feel of the space.

Keep Your Environment Cozy

Most of the time, the goal when designing a small room is to create a feeling of more space, but why not go the opposite way and take advantage of small features to create the ultimate cozy space. Here are some tips!

charming interior with wooden furniture is best idea for decoration

decorate your room with simple look is best idea

Floor Space

Many homes these days are choosing not to use rugs – we get it. Hardwood or tile floors are much more practical when it comes to cleaning, but don’t discount rugs! Instead of a cold, hard floor, imagine running your toes across a soft, beautiful rug.

As they come in a variety of patterns and colors, you’re sure to find one that matches the vibe of the room but also has your own personal touch.

The Ultimate Sofa

While in smaller rooms, it is usually important to be very careful when choosing furniture as you want it to be practical but also fit into the room. While that’s true, if you’re creating the ultimate cozy living area, you need the ultimate sofa!

Whether you’re a leather fan or a fabric fan, sofas are a great way to add a pop of color to the room if you’ve gone in the direction of softer colors. Sofas can be thin, bulky, and even custom-made to fit oddly shaped rooms.

Wall Decoration

If hanging art isn’t your thing or you don’t consider yourself a decorator, you can still utilize that valuable wall space in a variety of ways.

Whether or not you like paints and patterns, you can use this wall as you see fit. Add some fabric to it – build from the floor and add a flowing fabric to the wall that will not only keep rooms lively but also keep them cozy.

Furniture that Fit

You can have a room that you think will do, but don’t forget that your room has to cover all the bases. It has to be wearable, functional and, after all, elegant. Here are some ways to achieve this!

Fix the furniture that is fit for your room is best way to manage room setting

A small open kitchen gives beautiful interior to your room

Storage and Space

When it comes to storage ideas, we’ve got you covered. Throughout our blog, we have provided various ways in which you can maximize not just floor space, but wall and vertical space with storage.

Avoid bulky sofas, but don’t compromise on comfort and install a thinner sofa. Avoid shelves and tables and accumulate! Use this wall and vertical space and create your own space from scratch.

Expand Your Space

When it comes to furniture in small spaces, you can achieve style and purpose by choosing the right piece or pieces. Choose furniture that is functional and doesn’t minimize your space.

Use an acrylic chest that doubles as a coffee table. This is stylish and attractive and a great addition to a living space – it works both aesthetically and is practical. A pouf with built-in storage would not only provide space when needed but would also double as extra seating should the occasion demand it.

Seating Areas

In a narrow space, you might think you’re limited in what you can do, but there are ways to solve every problem! If a custom sofa is out of your budget, choose a separate piece. That way, you can control the size and dimensions of each piece and ensure they are right for you.

Comfort Levels

Don’t be limited by the size or shape of the sofa when it comes to comfort, you are in control when it comes to additions.

Whether you have a sofa to fill the room or a few armchairs for a living area, it’s how you use them that counts. Remember the odd-numbered pillow rule to stack the comfort points, and you’ll have a functional and comfortable space.

Room for Guests

Have a living room but don’t have the benefits of a spare bedroom? Not everyone has the luxury of a guest bedroom, and that’s where a sofa bed comes in. Sofa beds are becoming more popular for those who not only want to install a stylish sofa in their living room but also enjoy being a functional guest space.

There are many great options that give you the benefit of having your own living area every day but also give you the option to host friends or family — space permitting!

Additional Furniture

When decorating your living room, it’s easy to want that bookcase or that TV cabinet or even that coffee table you’ve been eyeing, but it’s not always practical.

You can compromise and find ways to get what you want and also keep the space in your room free. Swap the bookcase for shelves and change the cabinet to a wall-mounted one, and when it comes to a coffee table, find one that can be used as a coffee table and extra storage — an additional beanbag works well for this.

Natural Elements

While your living room may leave a lot to be desired, that doesn’t mean you can’t open it up and get some fresh air with the help of some plants and nature. Let us show you how you can use this to your benefit.

A beautiful interior of a room

Blue sofas giving an elegant look with side lamp and hanging sceneries

Bring Nature from the Outside in

Enjoy some nature in your home. If your living space is small, you might think plants aren’t for you, but… you’re wrong. Even small (and low maintenance) plants can make all the difference.

Give up a little corner, and you can benefit not only from the beauty but also from the many health benefits that come with some houseplants. Cacti thrive in any climate!

Tall Plants

To minimize space usage, The Snake Plant is a great choice for anyone looking to add some life to a room.

Being tall and narrow, as well as being very low maintenance, it comes with the added benefit of being an air purifier – essentially breathing in what we breathe out, win-win! Couple this with smaller potted plants of varying heights, and you have your own little piece of nature at home.

Small living areas can be daunting and difficult to deal with at first, but if you keep certain rules in mind, you are sure to find and create the perfect space that works for you. Each aspect has to work together; Function, practicality and style need to come together to create the perfect combination.

In previous posts, we talked about the basics of design, and it’s important to keep that in mind when designing any space, especially a living area. With this guide, we can not only help you remember these fundamentals, but guide you to maximize your small living room space, but also style potential.

Common Questions

How do You Style a Small Living Room?

First, you need to consider the form. Space permitting, the options are endless. Start with a foundation and work from there! White can be seen as “boring”, but starting from white can give you a better idea of ​​what you’re working on. But don’t be afraid to dare! The bedroom is what you make of it.

How to Make My Room Modern?

Modernity can come in many forms, whether in minimalism or with the most up-to-date gadgets. If you’re working with a small space and want a more “modern” look, opt for sleeker, more streamlined vibes. Crisp colors against modern sculptures, bright lighting accentuating your artwork, or even just an elegant, strategically placed sofa.

How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger?

You cannot physically make something bigger, but you can bring about the illusion. As mentioned in this post and many others, there are countless “hacks” that can be used to make any space appear larger. Whites on the wall create more space, as well as muted tones.

Mirrors work great with reflected light when a room is colored in softer colors. Lighting trumps everything when it comes to illusions, as you can utilize both natural and artificial to create a glow and add life and space to a room.

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