5 Telltale Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs Repair

5 Telltale Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs Repair
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: August 27, 2021
  • Updated On: July 5, 2023

Are you wondering if your commercial roof needs repair?

While you might not think about your commercial roof very often, it is an essential component of your building. Your roof protects you, your employees, and your customers from weather, pollution, dust and debris, and more.

Your roof can even determine the temperature stability inside of your commercial building. For these reasons, knowing when your roof needs to be repaired is essential.

Fortunately, there are several signs you can look for that will indicate you need to repair your roof. By paying attention to these signs, you can catch a small problem before it becomes a major issue.

If you want to properly maintain your roof, these are the signs to look for.

1. Increased Energy Bills

One sign you need to repair your roof is increased energy bills. When your roof is not functioning properly, the temperature is not stabilized in your business. This can result in your HVAC system working harder, which will result in increased bills.

If your bills are steadily increasing, consider contacting the best roofer for your business.

2. Gaps in Seaming

A clear sign your commercial roofing needs repair is gaps in the seaming. When you have gaps in the seaming of your waterproofing membranes, your roof is susceptible to water damage. This can lead to a serious problem, one that is costly to repair.

3. Broken or Damaged Flashings

If you notice broken or damaged flashings on your commercial property roofing, contact a roofing contractor right away. The flashings on your roof are there to direct the water away from areas on your roof. If the flashings are broken or damaged, you risk water seeping into your roof.

4. Signs of Water Damage

If you are wondering if you need commercial roof repair, one sign is water damage. This can be on the exterior, such as mold and mildew, or in the interior, such as water spots on your wall. Water damage can result in costly structural damage, which is why it’s essential to repair this type of damage right away.

5. Sagging

Have you noticed your roof is sagging? Then you need to schedule a repair.

A sagging roof can indicate dangerous structural problems that result in a roof repair or replacement. When your roof sags, it can easily collapse, which is why you need to schedule a repair right away.

These Are the Signs You Need Commercial Roof Repair

5 Telltale Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs Repair

These are the signs you need to repair your commercial roof.

One of the major signs is an increase in your energy bills. You might also notice gaps in seaming, broken or damaged flashings, and signs of water damage. If your roof is sagging, cracking or bubbling, or you notice clogged drains and gutters, you likely need a repair.

If you notice any of these signs, contact your local roofing contractor right away.

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