7 Toxic Items You Shouldn’t Throw Away Everyday

7 Toxic Items You Shouldn't Throw Away Everyday
  • Author: Mahtab Idrees
  • Posted On: June 23, 2021
  • Updated On: July 3, 2023

Are you stumped as to what to do with your old plasma television? It may seem like the most logical thing to do to leave it on the curb for the garbage guy to collect, but it is not the most environmentally friendly alternative.

We’ll demonstrate how to properly dispose of household garbage. The answer is simple; there’s no better option than the best junk removal Vallejo services.

Other than that, here are the top seven items that should never be thrown away:

Mercury thermometers

The average mercury thermometer contains 500 milligrammes of mercury, which might pose a health risk if it is damaged by mistake.

Mercury is a neurotoxin that can impair an unborn baby or a young child’s developing nervous system, making it especially dangerous to pregnant women and children. Use the EPA’s website or your local recycling centre to dispose of your old thermometer.

Bulb lights

When a light bulb breaks, mercury is released. For that, it is suggested that they should be taken to the HHW facility.

Smoke detector

figure out what kind of smoke detector you have. To detect the presence of smoke, ionization chamber smoke detectors (ICSDs) use a little quantity of ionising radiation.

The Fire Protection Agency has classified ICSDs as dangerous substance due to the presence of radioactive elements. For this reason, properly disposing of obsolete smoke alarms is very important.

Smoke detectors that feature both ionization and photoelectric smoke sensors contain a small quantity of radioactive industry material and should be disposed of as well.


Oil-based paints, coatings, stains, varnishes, paint removers, and strippers are classified as household hazardous waste (HHW) because they include compounds that are potentially toxic to humans, animals, and the environment. HHW goods should never be thrown away or flushed into the toilet.

Excess paint can be donated to a school, theatre group, or non-profit organisation like Habitat for Humanity.

Motor oil

Pouring motor oil down the drain — or even on the ground — is banned in most states. This is because pouring motor oil down the drain or toilet might reduce the efficiency of the wastewater treatment system.

The only proper and legal way to dispose of motor oil is to put it in a clean plastic container with a tight cover and take it to a site that will accept it.


DVD players, VCRs, cassette decks, CD players, cell phones, alarm clocks, video cameras, desktop computers, laptops, printers, video game consoles, iPods, and so on… In your storage unit, how many of this electronic garbage (e-waste) products do you have?

“E-waste, in general, contains heavy elements like cadmium and lead, so your devices should not be thrown away,” says the EPA.

Donating e-waste for reuse or dropping it off at a recycling centre is the most environmentally responsible way to dispose of it.

Many e-waste reference tools are available on the EPA website, including directories of municipal and government-supported drop-off centres as well as manufacturers’ mail-in recycling and trade-in programmes. Recycling your old phone is more than just a method to help the environment.


Batteries must be disposed of in a variety of ways, none of which involve throwing them in the recycling bin. Participating retail collection locations, which can be found in stores, accept rechargeable batteries for recycling. Batteries that are alkaline or zinc-carbon should be disposed of in an HHW facility.

Silver oxide watch batteries can be recycled at many pieces of jewelry and watch stores. They’re also ubiquitous in handheld electronic devices like PDAs, cameras, and remote automobile locks. A zinc-air battery, which is used in hearing aids, is another type of battery that should be deposited at an HHW facility.

Because lead-acid automotive batteries contain corrosive and poisonous substances that are extremely damaging to the environment, they are prohibited from being thrown away or recycled. Instead, bring your old car battery with you to the store when you buy a new one; stores are compelled to accept it.

Last word

The aforementioned are top suggestions for items that should not be discarded since they can harm the environment and humans. You should choose the goods you want to throw out or replace with care, as we may unknowingly harm someone. You can donate your goods instead of throwing them away to find a good donating centre for each item.

Or if you cannot dispose of them in a proper and safe way, consider getting help from a professional company. And when it comes to a professional company, there can’t be a better option than 3 Kings Hauling and More. It is one of the most trusted junk removal companies in Vallejo and surrounding areas.

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