Top Tips To Prepare Your House Roof For Rainy Season 2021

Top Tips To Prepare Your House Roof For Rainy Season 2021
  • Author: Mahtab Idrees
  • Posted On: June 23, 2021
  • Updated On: July 3, 2023

Do you enjoy the rainy season of North Carolina? Well, that depends on your personal preference purely but when it comes to a house roof, it’s pretty much the same for every roof.

Not so friendly! That’s because water can seep into the roofing structure and cause severe damages. If not properly protected against, you will find yourself dealing with mold growth and paint chipping.

This may be the driest season of the year but it is the perfect time to inspect your roof and prepare it for the upcoming rainy season. Here are the top tips to do that. Old and deteriorating roofs may need to be replaced. Start saving money for a roof replacement so that you don’t have roofing emergencies at those times.

Check The Roof Gutters

Inspect the roof gutters for any signs of wear and tear. Know that roof gutters are like the lifeline for your roof integrity during the rainy season. If they are intact and clean, water flows down through the downspouts leaving your roof safe.

Debris and cracks in the gutters are two of the worst things that can happen to your roof. You should hire roofing and gutter companies in Clayton NC to repair or replace the broken gutters.

Replace Broken Or Missing Shingles

Roof shingles should fully cover the underlayment. If any of the shingles is broken, missing, or curled it can leave sweet spots for the rainwater.

Granules from deteriorating asphalt shingles can also clog the gutters. Examine the shingles for any signs of damages. If certain parts of the roof are more prone to wind impacts and damages, replace the weaker shingles with new ones.

Repair The Damaged Parts Of Vent And Pipe Flashing

Missing parts in the vent and pipe flashing are warning signs. Make sure the flashing and sealant are in their best shape. Over time, the sealant chemicals lose their elasticity and dry out rendering the joints vulnerable to leaks.

You can fight off the effects of fluctuating temperatures by securing the damaged parts of the flashing. Add a layer of sealant a few weeks before the rainy season to ensure the safety of your investment.

Seal And Secure The Skylights

Skylights are designed to allow more natural light in your home. Poor installation of deterioration over time can cause them to leak, especially in heavy rains. Seal and secure the skylights with premium quality sealants.

Clean The Debris Regularly

Leaving debris on your roof is not a good idea for several different reasons. It can flow with the running water and clog the gutters and downspouts. Those clogs can become the breeding grounds for critters. You may very well know that rodents are hungry creatures.

They not only feed on parts of debris but harm the gutters. The best way to prevent yourself from such horrible scenarios is to clean the roof debris regularly. If you see any signs of pest infestation, call roofing and gutter repair companies.

Trim the surrounding trees a week before the rainy season and you are safe from the unpleasant effects of the downpour.

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Author: Mahtab Idrees

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