Bed sheets provide a perfect styling surface for your bed

perfect styling bed sheet for your bed
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: October 20, 2021
  • Updated On: July 7, 2023

These days one can find a variety of bed sheets. They can be used as an excellent styling tool to tweak one’s bed. Not only are they available in various colours and sizes but they also come in differing prints and materials. Different people have varying expectations and aesthetics for their room.

While someone might lean towards a calming vibe, another person might like something a little classy. Some people also want a vicious touch to their space. Fortunately, people can now implement their aesthetics due to the online world’s presence and numerous budding brands.

Apart from the look, tiny details like the fabric of the bed sheet are also crucial. One does not wish to invest in something that only looks good but is highly uncomfortable. Some materials tend to come undone in the middle of the night, which can be pretty frustrating.

Hence, be mindful of these tips while styling your bed. The kind of bed sheet that one selects is also contingent on the weather. The summer calls for more light and airy fabrics, while the winters use thicker materials.

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Styling using bed sheets

perfect styling bed sheet

  1. Percale the bedsheets that we see at hotels. Percale is the most classic way to style one’s bed. Despite their primitive nature, they look crisp, classy and soothing. If you are new to this, percale bed sheets are your safest bet.
  2. Other fabrics like linen, cotton and the schools are immaculate during summers. Their organic nature allows people to sleep comfortably through the night. In India, cotton bed sheets come with numerous motifs and are indigenous all as well. These fabrics are not only machine-friendly but also utterly relaxing. Contingent on a person‘s preferences, they could also be used during winters.
  3. Bed sheets are an ideal way to style your bed. If you have lived in India your whole life, you probably have had a few of these growing up. These are not machine-made and require immaculate artisans for their completion. The most distinctive trait about block print bed sheets is their vibrant colour combination. Organic and versatile.
  4. Look at it like you’re styling an outfit. It is a great idea to style your bed by using numerous cushions and pillows. Just like how an outfit is incomplete without jewelry, a bed will look unfinished without its pillows and cushions. You could use Pinterest and/or YouTuber to help you get some inspiration for the perfect arrangement for your bed. You could also invest in bed runners quilts and stunning comforters.
  5. Always remember to make your bed when you wake up. A significant determinant of how one’s bed looks is contingent on how organized it is. If you refrain from setting it up every morning by neatly folding the quilt and arranging your pillows, your bed will look unkempt regardless of the bed sheet’s designs. Learn how to tuck the bed sheet neatly so it looks crisp and inviting at all times.
  6. Your bed sheet must compliment the rest of the room. You cannot have juxtaposing elements in a room because it looks disheveled. Besides, no matter how good those objects are on their own, the whole room will look unkept if they clash. Your goal is to make this selection wisely.
  7. Lastly, add contrast to your bed using different colors. This will look appealing and shows off your creative side. Luckily, numerous brands are producing pillow covers that may or may not come with the bedsheets.


If you follow these simple and easy tips, you can not only elevate the look of your bedroom but also have a calming and comfortable space to relax in after a long day.

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