Geotechnical Services in the UK

Geotechnical Services in the UK
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: October 20, 2021
  • Updated On: July 7, 2023

Ground stabilisation is a service that’s regularly carried out across the UK by Condor Projects, ensuring that sections of land remain safe and accessible at all times.

However, this team of specialist engineers also provides many other types of geotechnical consultants services, each designed to return structures to their original levels of strength and solidity.

Geotechnical Services in the UK

Canal lock repairs

When a canal lock begins to show signs of ageing and weakness, it’s crucial that repairs are carried out right away by an expert contractor. If you leave the damage to go unchecked, you run the risk of the canal becoming a danger to users or even collapsing entirely.

Condor Projects uses specialist techniques for canal lock repairs, which include pressure pointing, brick replacement, the drilling and grouting of chambers, walls and floors, and even the reconstruction of stone banks and approach walls.

To make this possible, our team will bring a portable cofferdam so that work can take place without the canal needing to be emptied.


Canal towpaths can also deteriorate over time and necessitate specialist attention, which is why Condor Projects has developed a system that makes the repair process quick and simple.

The result is a canal towpath that doesn’t allow water to track through the ground and affect the accessibility and safety of footpaths, simultaneously strengthening the canal itself.

We’ve also worked closely with the Canal & River Trust to develop our very own waterproof grout that really is second to none and perfect for waterway structures.

Boundary walls

Due to intense pressures from the contained land and vibrations from nearby traffic, boundary walls can eventually become weak and precarious. When this happens, Condor Projects can fix the problem using the most appropriate technique, such as the rock and anchor grout system.

This long-term solution can be used on boundary walls of any size or age, ensuring that they keep doing their job for many more years to come. In the process, we keep disruption and noise to a minimum for complete peace of mind.


When a slope has become loose and needs stabilising, gabion baskets and mattresses are an excellent solution. Our team of geotechnical engineers will install this clever system very quickly to bring instant stabilisation and also the ongoing prevention of washout and erosion.

Gabions can even be designed to complement the area’s natural scenery, making them an effective, affordable and attractive addition to your property.

Listed bridges

Due to their historical importance, the countless listed bridges across the UK need to be protected and preserved for future generations. Whilst some have been decommissioned, many of these structures are still very much in use to this day, which means that they require specialist attention.

In order to keep a listed bridge safe and solid, the arches need to be reinforced using GRP anchors and a specialised thixotropic grout. This can be combined with stone repairs and pointing work that return the bridge’s appearance to its former glory.

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