Can I Put Air Fryer On Countertop

Can I Put Air Fryer On Countertop
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: April 7, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

The air fryer circulates extremely hot air around the food without using oil to make it crispy and tender. The hot air is cooled and vented through the air vents. The ventilated air is not as well chilled as the ordinary traditional oven and does emit some heat through the vents.

Every kitchen’s most expensive and gorgeous feature is the countertop. When it comes to utilizing hot conventional ovens on the countertop in the kitchen, granite or laminate materials may be used for your kitchen countertop. During operation, these gadgets generate heat, which might cause damage to the kitchen surface.

Though the heat produced is modest, it has the potential to damage your kitchen countertop in the long run. The answer to “can I put an air fryer on a countertop” totally depends on your usage and the countertop’s material.

Know About The Material Type Of Countertop Before Putting Air Fryer

With so many different countertop alternatives, knowing which one is safe for your air fryer is critical. Because granite countertops are exceptionally heat-resistant, you can use an air fryer on them. Granite countertops are popular among homeowners because they are long-lasting.

However, extremely high temperatures created by an air fryer, followed by rapid cooling, can shatter granite counters. The sealant is the actual issue with granite. The sealer on the granite counter will be damaged if it is exposed to extreme heat for an extended period. The granite is porous and will discolor if the seal is broken.

It Is Not A Good Idea To Place Air Fryer On Quartz Countertop Permanently

An air fryer can be placed on a quartz counter for infrequent use. The heat of an air fryer will not harm quartz, which is a strong and non-porous substance. Keep in mind. However, quartz is an artificial product whose quality varies depending on the manufacturing process.

When using an air fryer on low-quality quartz, be careful not to overcook it. High-temperature resistance is not a feature of wood and laminate. Laminate is not a good choice for an air fryer support since the high temperatures generated by the fryer will cause it to bend and peel.

Stainless steel is a sturdy material that can resist the high temperatures of an air fryer. Stainless steel, on the other hand, will eventually tarnish and wear. Another great material for your kitchen is marble, which can tolerate a wide range of high-temperature heating. In that situation, it will not break or peel as other surfaces might.

Do not leave your fryer’s grease and oil on it for an extended period. Otherwise, the liquids will soak into the marble, resulting in spots on your lovely surface.

Use Heat Resistant Mats Under Air Fryer Before Putting It On A Countertop

Heat-resistant mats are ideal for storing any electrical gadgets on the surface since they protect the countertop from harm. Silicone mats are the most popular since they are light, inexpensive, colorful, and come in various forms and designs. They are also simple to use.

If your countertop is made of soft material, it’s better to keep the air fryer in a separate area where it won’t damage it. Outside, the kitchen, in a well-ventilated area, is the best place for your air fryer. It’s a fantastic idea to put it there if you have extra room or space, so your countertops don’t get damaged and stay clean.

Why Is It Not Safe To Place Air Fryer On A Countertop?

The air fryer was created to take the place of the traditional deep fryer, which uses a lot of oil to fry. It is primarily intended to prepare healthy and crispy food by releasing a large volume of hot air around the meal to render it crispy and tender.

The air fryer is appropriately insulated, but the hot air is vented through air vents, which may be found at the bottom. As a result, the heated air may eventually break the countertop. Because your countertop may or may not be able to handle this heat, use a silicone pad to protect it from breaking. The silicone mat will protect the countertop, but it will also look nice and be easy to use.

What Is An Ideal Place To Place An Air Fryer?

The best place to install and utilize your air fryer is on a level surface that is also heat resistant or positions the air fryer on top of a heat resistant sheet. There must be at least five inches of open space on all sides of the air fryer, especially where the hot air vent is placed.

This will keep the air fryer from overheating and causing damage to itself or other nearby equipment. Using an air fryer on top of a stove is extremely dangerous. Do not use an air fryer on the stovetop, even if unplugged. It can be melted or put on fire by a hot stove.


Hopefully, your query, Can I Put An Air Fryer On The Countertop, has been answered after reading this article. It becomes evident. To be practical, this is the greatest area to keep any electrical appliances because they are really useful when cooking.

However, don’t forget to cover the countertop with a silicone pad to prevent it from harm. A mat should be placed on your countertop regardless of whether it is heat resistant.

Even if your counter is marketed as heat resistant, you should never take the chance and always put some form of heat shielding between the air fryer and the counter.

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