Can You Put A Shed On Your Driveway

Can You Put A Shed On Your Driveway
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: September 6, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Having a shed close to your home is ideal for storage or work. However, the area you require for your garden shed might not always be available. There are several locations where the shed might be put, but you should make the most of your available area while leaving enough garden space for the rest of the family.

In your driveway, there could be some unoccupied space on a piece of asphalt. Sure, as long as there is room at the end of your driveway. There is no use in creating a shed in the driveway where you won’t be able to determine if a thief is taking your stuff or not if the security of your belongings is uncertain.

In addition to other possible problems, if your shed is left on the driveway for an extended period, it may harm the asphalt. You’ll also need to purchase specialized tools, such as driveway anchors.

Putting A Shed On A Driveway Is Tricky

You can most definitely find a shed on your asphalt. Getting it right, though, will be a challenging process that needs much forethought. You need a few specialist tools, and you need to think about many things before starting this job if you want to put a shed on asphalt.

However, it would help if you only left the shed there for a brief time. The structure shouldn’t be permeable to the asphalt because this could cause problems in the future.

If you just have spot-on asphalt but need a place to store your shed while organizing a more permanent location, you can do so while organizing the area by putting your shed there.

Due to how difficult it can be, most people advise against putting a shed on the driveway, and some specialists won’t take on the project either. However, this may be a fantastic option if you enjoy a challenge and have the patience and time to choose a permanent location for your shed.

When Would It Be A Good Option To Put Shed To A Driveway?

You Have A Large Enough Driveway

If the space in your backyard is insufficient for a shed, you might want to seek it elsewhere. You will be forced to utilize it to the fullest extent of the land on which your home is built cannot handle the structure.

There is a minimal probability that your side yard would be a better place for a storage building or shed, given the possibility that it is too small for the project and possibly the assumed visibility of that region. However, the architectural features would be excluded from what the back of your house might offer in additional space.

You Have Minimal Budget To Build A permanent Shed

Prefabricated storage sheds require less groundwork than permanent solutions, which is their strongest feature. You would find it simpler to remove it or make alterations fast if the need to make a few changes to the driveway were to occur in the future.

Techniques To Put A Shed On A Driveway

If putting a shed on asphalt is your only choice and you’re prepared for the challenge, there is a technique to guarantee your shed will last there for the time being. Even if your shed comes with a floor, you should still construct a foundation stand so that it can rest on top of the asphalt.

This will increase the longevity of your shed on the asphalt. If your shed doesn’t already come with a floor, you’ll need to construct a basis for it on the asphalt that includes a floor piece. The same supplies that were mentioned earlier can be used for this base.

Your shed needs to be secured in place with anchors. As asphalt expands in the anchor’s hole, concrete anchors won’t hold it down. They are held in place by the friction between them. This is not the case with asphalt; in fact, the pressure from the anchors will force the asphalt to flow, which will cause the anchors to lose hold.

You must dig an excessively large hole into the asphalt using an anchor to secure your shed. The hole must then be filled with grout that cures quickly. Once it is finished, insert the asphalt anchor into the hole and level it with the asphalt’s surface.

Why Shouldn’t You Put A Shed On A Driveway?

Professionals do not strongly advise doing this technique of building a shed immediately on a driveway for several reasons. To install a shed on asphalt effectively, you will need to invest in specialized equipment because it is challenging.

Building a solid foundation for your shed on the asphalt and securely anchoring it to the surface will take significantly more time. To properly drain water from your shed onto your driveway is fairly tough.


Various variables determine whether or not you are permitted to build a storage shed in the driveway. You can construct any shed in your driveway if you don’t plan to keep anything of significant value there.

As there won’t be anything in the shed, the distance between the residence and the shed won’t be a problem. The harm that various techniques may create can be reduced in several ways. Only temporarily will these fixes be effective. A grassy area is the greatest location for your shed if you want it to be there permanently.

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