Debunking the Latest and Most Absurd House Painting Myths

Debunking the Latest and Most Absurd House Painting Myths
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: August 19, 2021
  • Updated On: July 5, 2023

House painting is possibly one of the most misunderstood trades in the world of design and construction.

Maybe due to early experiences with paint in kindergarten, we’ve been lead to think that there is nothing to it. Sadly, applying this attitude to the walls of your beautiful home is a recipe for disaster.

The truth is; house painting is no juvenile activity. There are a ton of myths out there that need to be busted!

So, we’re here to debunk the most ludicrous myths in the painting industry and give you tips that will make your home a masterpiece.

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House Painting Myth #1: Primer Is Not Essential

Of the many common shortcuts people think they can take with house painting, this is one of the most absurd. Priming ensures good adhesion of paint to any surface in your home.

All surfaces are not created equal: previous colors may vary, differing materials produce different textures⁠—these factors and more can affect the final result of your paint job. This can result in spending more time, money, and energy coating areas with finish paint that could have been solved with this vital step.

This brings us nicely to our next myth…

House Painting Myth #2: Priming Means No Surface Prep

For the very same reasons in Myth 1, priming and prepping walls are two sides of the same coin. Greasy surfaces, loose debris, or deep imperfections can stop the primer stage from doing its job, rendering all subsequent steps ineffective.

Sanding, cleaning, and caulking are crucial for giving your wall a professional finish.

House Painting Myth #3: DIY Is Cheaper Than Hiring a Professional

This myth depends on the nature and scale of the job. There are many jobs that with a little TLC can be done with little to no experience. But certain jobs like trying to get the exterior repainted might take a little more skill and equipment.

A home painting company can take care of jobs that, if done by a novice, may result in spending more time and money in getting the desired results. Equipment and paint for jobs like exterior paint jobs or tricky places to reach might cost you your safety as well as your hard-earned cash.

Finding a local company can ensure that any job is done right the first time around instead of staring at walls in regret.

House Painting Myth #4: Paint Is Paint and Any Brush Will Do

Once again, this probably stems from our relationship to painting in kindergarten. Skimping on quality can have a huge effect on the results of our paint job. This is the myth that requires the most homework.

Be aware that different brushes are made for different paints and jobs. Also, different paints have different purposes. Doing a little research before buying will ensure that you are spending your money on, not only the right type of paint but the right quality as well.

No Shortcuts to Success

Debunking the Latest and Most Absurd House Painting Myths

House painting is one of the most valuable skills out there, it can beautify the most rundown properties around, but only if done well. Professional painters make it look easy because they’ve put the time and energy into their craft.

As the old saying goes, “there is no shortcut to success”. Educating ourselves about house painting can turn a job into an art.  If “home is where the heart is”, put your heart into your home and give it the paint job it deserves!

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