How To Fix Solar Lights?

How To Fix Solar Lights?
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: August 29, 2021
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Do you have solar lights system installed on the roof or in your backyard? If yes, you will surely suffer from some running issues with these lights.

If you want to fix those issues and maintain the solar lights yourself, this article is entirely for you! No doubt, these lights can resist the weather and seasonal changes, they can still run out of order because of several issues. Don’t worry; it’s pretty standard for all the users. So, you have to find the right source to fix the issues yourself.

If the lights are not working correctly, it doesn’t mean that you have to replace them immediately, but a quick fixture is required. You can surely make the lights functional again after fixing the issue.

Well, there could be several reasons and factors behind the issues in the solar lights. We also compiled a few tips to help the readers to fix the lights themselves in case of a sudden stop.

While testing the solar lights, make sure that all the lights are attached to the panel accurately. In this way, lights will surely start working efficiently. Moreover, you can also place the solar panel at any other place with better Sunlight exposure for the lights. Let’s discuss other potential solutions to fix the solar lights quickly.

Why Do The solar Lights Stop Working?

No doubt, solar lights are based on excellent infrastructure and high-end design. They can survive even under strict weather conditions and changes. That’s why most people prefer these lights over other lighting sources. The best thing is that these lights are completely safe for the environment.

Excitingly! You can save more power and electricity cost by adding solar lights in your areas. Even if these lights are incredible sources of light, minor issues and problems may also affect the functionalities of these lights. That’s why you have to know about the reason before searching for a solution.

Lack Of Sunlight Exposure

Most people install solar panels on the roof that is a great option. Panels can get better Sunlight exposure in this way. However, if the panels are under a covered and shady area, the panels may not get enough Sunlight required to convert into power.

No doubt, solar lights need enough power for better functionalities. If the panels are not working correctly, the lights will not charge entirely and stop working within a few hours.

However, the charging capabilities of the lights depending on the intensity of the Sunlight. In the summer season, exposure to Sunlight for five to six hours is more than enough for the lights.

Inappropriate Sensor’s Settings

Sensors are installed with the solar lights for better functionality. But if there is any fault in the setting or installation of these sensors, lights may also stop working. You have to set the sensor mode according to the day and night lights. So, the panels start charging automatically in the daylight.

No doubt, you can also do it manually or yourself. But it will require more time and effort regularly. That’s why it is a better option to install the sensors correctly. In the case of inappropriate sensors, they cannot differentiate between the day and night light. For this, you have to check the sensor’s settings.

Battery Life Span

If the battery is dead or not working correctly, you may suffer some in the working of solar lights. For this, you have to check the battery life and make the decision accordingly. The best solution is that you can go for long-lasting batteries for the solar panels. So, you can save the lights from inappropriate working issues effortlessly.

Moreover, the batteries may also affect the functionality of the light if not maintained thoroughly. Improper maintenance may lead to acid leakage and eroding. It may also damage a few components of solar lights permanently. In this case, you can replace the old or worn-out battery with a high-performance battery.

How To Fix The Solar Lights?

Undoubtedly, it would be an excellent idea for all to replace the other lights with solar lights because of several factors. It seems all normal and pretty cool in the beginning when the lights work correctly. But if you are fixing the minor issues and problems earlier, it may lead to permanent damage to the lights.

For this, let’s focus on a few essential solutions to fix the solar lights’ stop working issue.

Place The Lights Under The Higher Sunlight

Relocate the solar panels in the areas with the higher Sunlight exposure for the better working of lights. Try to remove the shade or cover from the area where you have placed the panels. In this way, direct Sunlight will interact with the panels and offer a better power supply to the lights for the whole night.

Light and batteries can also get enough light to recharge after placing the panels in the uncovered areas.

Replace The Batteries

Even if you will install solar lights for the first time, it’s a better option to go for a high-end and reliable battery. In this way, you can get better performance and battery life span. In the case of low-quality batteries, you have to replace them from time to time.

No doubt, the replacement cost is more than buying a high-end battery at higher rates.

Fix Or Alter The Sensors

If you are familiar with the sensor’s settings, it’s better to do it yourself according to your and solar lights requirements. Otherwise, get help from the professionals for better assistance. It’s not essential to change the settings. Sometimes, faulty sensors may also cause solar lights to stop working.

At that point, you have to replace the sensors with a new set. However, you still need to set the settings of new sensors according to light’s requirements.

Final Words

Hopefully, you will get enough information about fixing the solar lights yourself after reading this article. After considering the basic facts discussed above, it would be easy for all to find out the main reason behind the inappropriate functionalities of solar lights.

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