How Office Design Influences Employee Engagement

How Office Design Influences Employee Engagement
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: May 17, 2023
  • Updated On: May 17, 2023

Engaged employees are at the heart of every successful business. Employees that demonstrate high levels of engagement bring a host of benefits to companies. From increased productivity to lower rates of absenteeism, the positive effects of employee engagement are far-reaching.

Research states that disengaged employees cost the world $7.8 trillion in lost productivity. While the benefits of engaged employees are easy to see, and the cost of disengaged employees is high, improving employee engagement is rarely easy.

Unfortunately, the UK has some of the lowest levels of employee engagement in Europe, with just 9% of workers feeling enthused about their jobs.  

Many factors influence employee engagement, but one of the most crucial is the workplace itself. Understanding how office interior design influences employee engagement is essential to reap the benefits of an engaged workforce. 

Understanding Office Design Evolution

The way people work has changed beyond recognition in the past few decades. The evolution of the office means it is now much more than just a room with rows of desks.

To perform their roles well, your employees need workspaces that are sympathetic to their needs and designed to maximize their productivity. Employee well-being, comfort, and ease of collaboration are now essential elements of every workplace and directly influence employee engagement.

Wellbeing and the Work Environment Matters

Well-being at work feeds directly into how engaged employees are in their roles. Therefore, providing an office setup featuring ergonomically-designed workspaces to support wellness and reduce musculoskeletal issues is a must.

But, there is more you can do to support well-being at work and increase employee engagement. 

Considering natural light and how it can support employee wellness is a crucial consideration, as is the temperature of the office and the acoustics.

Research shows that natural light in the office can enhance employee engagement, improve communication, and boost collaboration.

Meanwhile, The Employee Experience report from Future Workplace shows that natural light in the office helps to improve employee happiness and well-being by 78%, improves work satisfaction by 73%, and work performance by 70%.

Essential Collaboration and Comfort

With hybrid working increasing, the workplace needs to provide a seamless transition between remote working and the office. This requires an office setup that facilitates collaborative working while providing a comfortable space to support staff well-being.

Designing your office with a combination of collaborative working areas and quiet spaces for focused tasks is an effective way to strike a balance between the changing needs of your team.

Conference rooms equipped with intuitive, integrated technology are a must to make communication and collaboration as easy as possible.

A comfortable conference room with reliable technology will build employee engagement and productivity while ensuring that meetings run efficiently.

Furniture and Office Storage

Productivity is essential for success in the modern global economy. However, when you give cozy and ergonomic office furniture, you take good care of the health of your employees, which leads to increased output, employee happiness, and fewer absences. To maintain their social well-being, a workplace atmosphere that promotes mobility and collaboration is crucial.

There are various possibilities today for file and storage space at work. Installing them at the desks or tables where they are most needed will allow you to buy them a file cabinet or storage for their workstations.

Increases Employee Retention Rates

Businesses now face new opportunities as well as obstacles in the post-pandemic age.

Employers must comprehend the requirements, wants, and expectations of their workforce because there is a severe shortage of talent today. You may design places that meet your employees’ needs while fostering collaboration and productivity, making them feel appreciated by the company.

When workers are satisfied with the design and ergonomics of their workstations, they are more likely to stay with the company. You will only be able to keep staff around for a long time by making it enticing for them to visit your actual office again!


Are you planning to redesign your office? Choosing an office design and fit-out company that understands the importance of creating workspaces that encourage employee engagement is essential. Are you ready to enjoy the far-reaching benefits of engaged employees? If so, investing in your office design is an excellent place to start.

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