How To Clean Epoxy Floor?

epoxy floor cleaning

Now these days, people prefer installing or choosing epoxy floors for their commercial and also residential areas. The main reason for considering this flooring option is its higher durability. You can add this floor to any room of your house including the kitchen and bathroom.

It’s completely your choice! Not only for indoors, but you can also choose this flooring option for outdoors. Ideally, you can also install this flooring in higher traffic areas. The reason is that you don’t need to put too much time and effort to maintain this floor. Doesn’t it sound great? Of course, yes!

Indeed, the epoxy coating is the best choice even for industrial areas. However, you still have to maintain the epoxy floor. The higher durability of this flooring option doesn’t mean that it requires no maintenance. Ideally, you can keep the epoxy floor well-maintained for a long-time by following professional or regular cleaning practices.

It’s not essential to get maintenance services from the experts every time. you can surely clean and maintain the floor also yourself. Excitingly! You can get help from this article to maintain or keep your epoxy floor stain-free for a long time.

Regular Cleaning And Maintenance:

For a bright and shiny surface, you have to maintain and clean the epoxy flooring regularly. However, it’s not necessary to deep clean the surface every day. But you can also maintain it simply by mopping or sweeping. In this way, you can move out all the dust and dirt from the surface effortlessly.

If you are not regularly cleaning the flooring, the dust and dirt will surely sit on it. Moreover, the stains or spots on the floor may also occur because of excess dust on the floor.

Consequently, dust may also create scratches on the floor when someone walks on it. That’s why it’s better to gently remove the dirt from the surface regularly with the help of a mop. Additionally, professionals recommend cleaning the floor with a damp cloth at least once a week for a better appearance.

However, you can also reduce the mopping span than a week for a higher traffic epoxy floor.

Remove Or Clean The Spots Properly:

If there are oil and grease spots on the epoxy floor, you can remove them easily with the help of tissue paper. Moreover, you can also use a clean mopping cloth for this purpose.

If there are chemical spots or stains on the floor, you have to remove them immediately without any condition. The reason is that the chemical stains may also lead to severe allergic and health issues, especially for the kids.

However, you don’t need to worry about the damages because of chemical spots on the epoxy flooring. Ideally, this flooring option has better resistant to chemicals. However, battery acid and other highly toxic chemicals may affect the epoxy flooring.

Clean Soiled Epoxy Floor:

A lot of dust and dirt on the floor will surely lead to other maintenance issues. Therefore, it’s better to treat the heavily soiled epoxy floor as soon as possible.

If there is heavy soil on the surface, it doesn’t mean that you cannot get rid of yourself. You can surely clean the dirty surface yourself by sweeping the complete area and vacuum cleaning it.

Moreover, use a mop cloth to clean or get rid of all the debris or residues from your floor after sweeping. Additionally, use a hard foam mop with water for the wet cleaning of the epoxy floor. Make sure there is no dust and dirt on the floor before mopping it with the wet cloth.

Choose The Right Cleaning Products:

No doubt, the durability of epoxy floors is higher than other flooring options. It doesn’t mean that you can use any type of cleaner to clean this flooring. It’s better to choose natural cleaners or cleaners with low Ph for the epoxy floor. In this way, you cannot only clean the floor effectively but also disinfect it from several germs and bacteria.

If you want to clean the floor with the natural method, nothing would be a better option than choosing the mild soap with lukewarm water. Moreover, you can also add vinegar to it if the floor is stained. In the case of using the ready-made cleaners, try them on a small patch before pouring them on the entire floor.

If the cleaner discolors the surface, it contains higher chemicals. So, it’s not safe for the epoxy floor. For this, it’s better to buy the cleaners according to your floor’s type and condition with professional assistance.

Eliminate The Tire Marks:

We usually experience tire marks on the epoxy floor in the garage. For sure, we have to clean these marks on time. otherwise, they may lead to severe and strong build-up. It’s more than enough to treat your garage for the tire marks once a week. For this, you can use a concrete degreaser.

In this way, you can also remove the oil and care fuel stains from the floor efficiently or smoothly. Keep in mind, you don’t need to scrub the flooring every time you witness an oil stain. If you are doing this, the floor will lose its natural gloss and shine.

To use the degreaser on the tire marks or oil stain, you have to drip the degreaser on the marks and let it saturate it approximately for 10 minutes. However, this time depends on the type and condition of the stain.

Once the liquid has dried on the floor completely, it’s time to sweep the treated area with a mopping cloth. You can also use a soft nylon brush to move out all the dust and debris if you don’t want to use the mopping foam.

Make sure to repeat the process to treat the stubborn stains and tire marks on the epoxy floor.

Final verdict:

In short, it’s easy to clean and maintain the epoxy floor because of Its durable and resilient structure. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to clean it regularly. If you are not doing this, it may lead-heavy layers of soil, dust and grime on the floor. For this, follow the discussed methods to clean the epoxy floor effortlessly.

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