How To Measure For A Fence?

How to measure a fence

Are you thinking about adding the fence to your yard or home garden? If yes, you have to consider a lot of things and facts before start working on this project. No doubt, it’s not a difficult task to install the fence.

But only if you start with appropriate measurements and the most suitable material. Make sure to determine the property lines before the installation of the fence. So, you can buy the material accordingly.

However, it’s a time-consuming activity to measure the ground for the boundary’s installation. If you don’t know to start this project with the appropriate planning and strategy, you will end with a lot of mess. Consequently, you may also run out of budget and material if not utilizing them according to your yard.

If you are getting these services from a professional contractor, you don’t need to worry about all these aspects. It’s his responsibility to measure the yard and buy the material accordingly. However, you have to take care of all the considerations and facts yourself if you want to add the fence to your yard with a DIY.

Excitingly! it’s not a stressful task to measure and determine the boundaries of your yard if you are doing it rightly. If you are still looking for some guidelines to measure the fence properly for your yard, continue reading this post:

Determine The Property Lines:

Do you know the exact size of your yard? If not, you have to measure the property lines of your yard carefully. You have to do it even before buying the fencing material. No doubt, it’s not an easy task to measure the ground without any experience and previous estimations. But you cannot skip this point.

If you are not considering this point, you will not end up with the desired results. Make sure to plan about adding the fence to only your property. Otherwise, you could end up with unhappy neighbors. Even if you are considering the installation of boundaries to your commercial place, you have to determine the property lines. Moreover, you can also get assistance from LDA management authorities.

With the right assumption and measurement, you can also save some costs and materials. In this way, you have to buy the supplies only for your property line, not for others.

Plan Adding The Railing Around Permanent Obstructions:

Once you have confirmed the property lines, it doesn’t mean that you are all set to add the boundaries. You have to take care of some other crucial factors such as permanent obstructions. If the trees are coming in your measurements, you cannot cut them off. You have to install the railing around them.

On the other hand, you also consider building the fence around the slopes or permanent stones if they come into your property line. However, it’s not easy to install the rail around the slope. But you have to do it for Sake of your property’s protection.

However, you can ignore the obstructions such as cables and electric lines under your yard while installing the fence. It’s up to you to cover them within the boundaries or not. For this, you can also get help from professionals for better assistance.

Measurement Approach For Fence Installation:

Once you have prepared the yard for the fence installation, it’s time for the yard’s measurement.

  • Use a stake or stone to mark the corners properly. Make sure to mark the corners at the right 90Degree angle for better joining.
  • Make sure to measure the perimeter in feet for better installation. For this, you can also use the stakes or stones for better guidelines.
  • Install the tape around the measured yard. In this way, it would be easy for the installer to add the boundaries.
  • Divide the yard perimeter according to the size of the fence panels and posts you decided to buy.
  • If you are going to install a normal size fence, the 6-8 feet fence panels are more than enough. However, the number of panels depends on the size of the yard or area you want to cover inside the boundaries.
  • Skip the division step if you want to install the decorative fence. In this case, perimeter total is all you need for decorative fence installation.

Once you have measured the yard for installing the boundaries, you will have a better cost estimation for this project. Moreover, you can also buy the required material more suitably after the proper measurements. If you want to build the rails yourself, it’s better to measure the yard again.

Moreover, you can also go for the custom decisions and ideas to install the rails around the slopes or permanent obstructions.

However, you have to measure the yard more appropriately and carefully in the case of slopes and permanent obstruction. For this, it’s a better option to get assistance from an expert contractor. If you are all set to work on this installation project, a free weekend is more than enough to complete but after the complete measurements.

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