How To Cut Tile Around Toilet

How To Cut Tile Around Toilet

When utilizing correct instruments such as a manual cutter or an electric tile saw with a good quality diamond blade, cutting straight tile lines is surprisingly simple to master. However, when it comes to cutting curves, such as cutting tile around a toilet, things get a lot more complicated.

You’ll almost certainly need to create curved cuts around the toilet when tiling a bathroom. Most individuals become perplexed at this point and begin scratching their heads. But there’s no need to scratch your heads for too long. This post will help you for cutting tile around a toilet effortlessly!

Do You Need To Remove Toilet While Cutting Tiles?

Most professionals are aware of the dangers of tiling around a toilet without first removing it. You’ll generate more work for yourself in the long run if you don’t remove the toilet before tiling. With the toilet in the way, you’ll have to make more curved cuts and have less room to work in.

When it comes to tiling around a toilet base, silicone caulk or grout will be required where the tile touches the toilet. Toilet seals must be replaced on occasion, however. This becomes a nuisance if the toilet base is covered in silicone caulk or grout.

Also, if you need to modify or replace the toilet in the future, you’ll have trouble finding an exact replacement. Because toilet bases exist in various shapes and sizes, this is the case. If you cut for one type of toilet, the foundation for future replacement toilets may not match.

Cut Tiles Around Flange

The toilet flange is what you’ll need to tile around after removing the toilet. Draw out your grid and wet lay the tile, except where the flange will require cuts.

Once the rest of the tile has been installed in the toilet and has had time to thoroughly dry, you can start making your cuts around the flange. You risk harming your work if you don’t let the remainder of the tile dry first.

Mark Flange For Tiles Cutting

The traditional method of tracing and cutting a full piece of tile is with construction paper or cardboard. Now you may use the form template tool to trace the circular shape onto your tile accurately. Trace and cut as many pieces as you need to fit around the flange.

Lay the pieces on the floor and top of the flange as if they were tiles once you’ve sketched their shape. By leaving spacing between tiles, remember to account for your grout lines. Trace the flange with your finger first, then a pencil or marker.

If you’re working with a removable flange, you may want it to sit on top of your already installed tile. Make your circle smaller if this is the case. Your flange should, in theory, rest on your new tile. The flange must be either above or below the tile in either case.

It’s Time To Make Cuts

You’ll need to cut them out after you’ve traced your tiles around the toilet flange. While cutting curves in tile, we recommend using one of two methods. One is completed with a tile scribe and nippers, while another is completed with an angle grinder.

Consider Dry Fitting Method For Cut Tiles

Now is the time to see if you used an angle grinder or a drill bit to cut your hole. Make sure your newly cut tile pieces fit around or under your flange by dry-laying them. Remember that you’ll also be installing your toilet base and covering the cut once your tiles are in place.

If you made a mistake and your toilet base won’t cover the hole, repeat the process until you have the right cut.

Use A Template To Cut Tiles Around Toilet If You Cannot Remove It

It may be impossible to remove the toilet before installing tile, depending on how it was previously installed or for whatever reason. You can still tile around the toilet in this circumstance. Instead of sketching around the curve of the flange, you’ll need to trace around the base of the toilet.

You’ll use the shape template again for this. Make a trace of the toilet’s proportions on the tile, then cut it out. Remember to leave extra space for your grout lines between each tile and the base.


Use a piece of paper to explain how the tile should be cut when cutting around a barrier. You may then use this to mark and cut your new tiles to the required shape. And that’s all there is to know about cutting tile around a toilet. If you want to save money, you could cut everything using an angle grinder.

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