How To Fix Sagging Granite Countertop?

How To Fix Sagging Granite Countertop?
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: December 6, 2021
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

You would believe that a hard surface like granite doesn’t need to be protected from cracks or drooping, but you’ll find that you’ll have to spend much money to repair or replace it if it isn’t properly maintained.

Granite is a popular choice for indoor and exterior countertops, bathroom sink counters, and more. It is a lovely natural stone that can be enjoyed and appreciated for a long time.

If you’re installing granite with an overhang in your kitchen or outdoor counter, you’ll need to inspect or establish whether the overhang requires underlying support to keep your granite from cracking or sagging. Due to the overhanging rock’s weight, granite can crack or sag.

Determine The Type Of Countertop

The application of weight to the surface might cause cracking or sagging. For example, if a granite bar is an overhang and people are sitting at the bar and leaning on it with their elbows, the granite surface will be stressed. Some people believe granite can support their weight and sit on the granite ledge.

Children enjoy swinging and hanging from things like counters. These are issues that your granite or other heavy counter surfaces may encounter.

Your granite installer will determine whether you require support and, if so, what type of support or bracing is required for your specific situation.

A variety of braces or brackets can support a suspending surface. Angle support brackets or corbels are the terms used to describe them. Angle support brackets, also known as corbels, are made of various materials, including plastic, thin metal and heavy-duty wrought iron, among others.

Heavy-Duty Wrought Iron Is Best For Sagging Countertops

When working with a hefty surface, you’ll want the best support possible. You don’t want to go with a low-quality material like plastic, cast iron, or thin metal. Wood is accessible for internal usage. However, it will decay over time in outdoor situations due to the elements and weather.

Wrought iron is a good choice for interior use and is ideal for use outside in support of countertops, pergolas, arbors, and other bracing requirements. Wrought iron angle support brackets, also known as iron corbels, are available in various sizes and types that will complement and enhance your surface through their design style.

Determine The Angle And Size Of Countertop

It is critical to identify the size and amount of angle support brackets required for proper covering and support. The surface’s depth and the surface’s length are used to determine this. It’s advisable to keep the bracket’s depth within three inches of the granite or counter surface’s depth.

The length and spacing of the brackets dictate the number of brackets required. A typical rule is to space the brackets twenty to thirty inches apart.

This is something that the installation or professional can help you with. Installers will occasionally place a sheet of plywood behind the granite, and other times they will not. The size and spacing of the brackets may also be affected by this.

Steps To Fix The Sagging Countertop

The worktop would most likely need to be replaced if it has sagged due to water damage. Access the underside of the countertop by opening doors or removing drawers.

To get that length, cut a 2*2-inch hardwood piece to that size. Moreover, underneath the drooping countertop, place the hardwood board across the lowest part. To get the countertop back to level, simply shim it gently in the desired direction.

Reasons For Sagging Countertops

Determine the direction and degree of the angle by using a level across the countertop and sink.

  • Water Leakage
  • It’s a Chunk
  • Backsplash

In these cases, you have to fix the pipes. Second, what is the minimum level of cabinetry for countertops?

Preparing and leveling new cabinets for granite countertops Countertops can be 1/8 inch out of level, according to industry standards, but many places will install them up to 1/4″ out of level and utilize shims. Lift the laminate’s loose edge carefully.

Remove any debris from the laminate and the substrate using a putty knife. Warm up the laminate’s surface using an iron or a heat gun. Place the iron on the “cotton” setting without steam when using one.

Don’t Shim The Granite Countertops

It’s not a good idea to shim the countertop. The cabinets should be entirely level across the top when using granite countertops. Any shimming should be done at the bottom of the cabinets rather than the top to ensure that the countertop sits on a completely level surface.

However, it’s okay to shim a sink area. For this, use a shim under the rim. The shim should ideally be constructed of plastic. To keep the sink in place, replace the screws in the clips and tighten them down.

Check the level once more. Apply a bead of silicone caulk or construction glue along the top edge of all the cabinet elements that hold the countertop. Apply the adhesive on a straight countertop. Instead of trying to tip up a mitered countertop, place shims under it. This is easier and less likely to break the glue joint.


It’s always better to level the surface of granite countertops to save them from sagging. Moreover, avoid using the shims for the granite tops.

However, you can go for the shim only for the sink area. If you are facing a sagging issue, check the water supply for any damage and the moisture level in your kitchen. Hopefully, the above steps and instructions will help fix the sagging countertop issues effortlessly and efficiently.

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