How To Install Gutters On A Metal Roof

gutter on metal roof

If you are thinking about installing the gutters on the metal roof yourself, consider several things for a successful installation. In most cases, it’s not appropriate to add the gutters on the metal roofs, but not all. Therefore, it’s better to focus on all the concerns before decisions about this addition to your roof, especially if you want to do it yourself.

The main reason is that gutters may cause more weight on the roof that can damage the potential structure of the roof. On the other hand, if the metal type is not compatible with the gutter material, it may also lead to damages or risks.

On the other hand, you also need to ensure appropriate supporting material for your roof. That’s why you need to install the gutters on the upper roof surface. No doubt, gutters are the greatest and the best option to save roofing from rainwater and other environmental changes for a long time. However, you have to focus on several considerations before installing the gutters on the roof.

For sure, it would be the best option to consider installing the gutters using the gutter brackets instead of wood rafters. So, let’s start discussing in detail for installing the gutters on the metal top efficiently.

Gutters installation Process:

If you have decided to add the gutters to the rooftop yourself, there are a few things to consider earlier for a better installation. For sure, these points will help for the successful and long-lasting gutter’s placement on the gable. You have to make sure of the maintenance and integrity of the roof if you want to add the gutters. That’s why it’s not a good option to go with the metal strapping.

The reason is that gutters will put more weight on the metal strips that lead to potential damages, especially on the metal roof edges. However, you can overcome this issue by using the gutter brackets and angles effortlessly. Moreover, avoid using the wood rafters for the placement of gutters.

Use Gutter’s Sealants:

You can get already cut or sectional gutters with the brackets affordably from any hardware store. In this way, you can also overcome the issue of strapping and rubbing. If you have decided to use the sectional gutters, you must seal the joining lines and cracks with an appropriate sealant. So, the rainwater couldn’t interact with the metal roof directly.

Ideally, contacting a professional gutter installer would be a great option to get them sealed and seamless gutters. So, you don’t need to worry about the leakage and penetration issues once you have installed the professional-recommended gutters.

Add Proper Slope:

While installing the gutters, you have to make sure that there is a needed slope to move out the water efficiently. Without the addition of the slope, the water will remain on the gutters and damage them over time. For this, you need to make a slope of half an inch for a ten feet gutter towards the downspout. After that, you don’t need to worry about the water movement.

Use Gutter Covers:

If water has clogged or blocked under the gutters, it will surely damage the metal surface of the rooftop. The chances for blockage and water collection will increase in the case of inappropriate gutters.

That’s why you have to add the gutter covers also while installing the gutters. If you don’t want to add the cover, you will need to install a gutter heating system. So, excessive water can evaporate with heating without damaging the metal roof.

Keep in mind not to compromise the quality of the gutter cover. Always use a high-end cover with the better ability to send water downspout. No doubt, gutters are a great option to save the roof from environmental changes and conditions. But you still pair them perfectly and are more compatible according to your area’s climate.

What Are The Best Alternatives Of Gutters?

Gutters help to move the rainwater to the downspout from your metal roof efficiently. Moreover, they also help collect all the debris and send them to the ground instead of blocking the roof. However, gutters also lead to severe damages and issues to your roof under specific circumstances. Unfortunately, it’s super hectic to treat and clean the affected gutters.

Indeed, you can also hire professionals for gutter cleaning and maintenance. But it’s not an affordable option for all. Don’t worry; many alternative gutters can save your metal gable from damages. So, let’s discuss those effective alternatives:

Add Rain Chain:

Undoubtedly, rain chains look mesmerizing but also productive to save the roof from damages. Ideally, it’s super easy to install this chain directly into a barrel. If you don’t know how to make a rain chain system yourself, you can also buy it from any hardware shop. All you need to do is simply placing this chain downspout or pair it up with a scattering system.

Add Pavers To The Downspout:

Lets the rainwater drip down instead of staying on the roof by adding a paver downspout. For this, you don’t need to do anything from scratch or buying something expensive. All you need to do is placing the large rocks, stones or pavers at the drop-down points of the rainwater. So, the water runs off these pavers efficiently from the roof.

If you cannot make a strong enough paver yourself to handle the water pressure, you can buy a ready-made paver from a store. Excitingly! the store-bought pavers have more potential to afford the water pressure and scatter it effortlessly. However, you have to install or make a drip line before putting the rocks or stones for paving.


In short, installing the gutters on a metal roof is not a daunting task as long as you know the proper steps and placement materials. It’s always better to decide the type of gutter material earlier to determine gaps and spacing effortlessly. Hopefully, after reading this article, placing and spacing the gutters with brackets will be no more an issue even for an average individual.

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