How To Hang Long Dresses In Short Closet

How To Hang Long Dresses In Short Closet
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: February 10, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Closets are a pain in the neck. You may not know where to begin because they are so chaotic. You want your closet to be tidy and well-organized, but how can you keep track of everything? Well, this built-in solution does not require a large investment.

This is the ultimate guide on closet organization. The nicest part is that no hard and fast rules or norms exist. Make use of what works best for you. To keep the goods in order, the wardrobe should be divided into categories based on the type of garment. However, not all wardrobes allow us to store our clothes however we want.

Some closets are mostly made up of shelves, obviating the need for horizontal bars, which allow us to hang full-length long dresses. Separate all the garments that need to be hung from those that can be folded. After you’ve chosen your objects to hang, follow these steps:

Ways To Hang Long Dresses In A Short Closet

Use Triangular Hangers For The Suits

With the horizontal bar, put your suit pants on the triangular hangers. Fold them in half and thread them halfway through the bar, following the leg’s lines. Put a matching jacket on the shoulder straps, on the other hand.

 Use Triangular Hangers For The Suits

Hang the dress normally on the first bar, then put the bottom on the second, allowing it to slide horizontally onto the bar. Finally, secure the second hanger to the first’s hook. Instead, the overcoats are always stretched full length on a broad-shouldered hanger. Use a fabric bag to keep them dust-free.

Wrap long Dresses In Plastic Bags

Long dresses should always be kept in a plastic bag or sizable plastic storage container when storing away evening clothing. Also, cover each outfit in a bedsheet or acid-free paper. For storing longer dresses, you may also purchase cloth garment bags, an easy alternative.

Wrap long Dresses In Plastic Bags.

Moreover, use mothballs to ward off insects and keep your garments close to cheddar wood. Otherwise, they might consume your clothing entirely. Don’t overlook this crucial point; many homes have nasty mothballs and cheese chests filled with clothes for a purpose.

If your dress is heavily beaded, it is best to store it in a box rather than hang it in your wardrobe to prevent snagging.

Use A Fabric Garment Closet As An Alternative

A cloth garment closet may be useful if you have many long dresses and either a small closet or no storage space. If you determine it’s a smart idea, obtain this cloth closet for a low price. Several dresses might be hung in this kind of closet, and there would be enough room to hang loosely rather than droop to the floor.

 Use A Fabric Garment Closet As An Alternative

As well as a cedar wood block, place the acid-free paper at the bottom of the clothing closet. Some people also throw a lavender sachet inside to maintain the scent of their long dresses while they are being stored. Be sure to choose wisely, as certain perfumed items may attract pests.

In a portable storage unit, you may safely keep your seasonal and evening dresses for future use without cluttering your home or damaging your clothes.

Install Metal Brackets For Additional Support

Install the metal brackets for better support if you want additional or extra space, along with triangular hangers. You can hang these brackets in the center of each shelf. For better grip, you can also glue a nail to the front edge of the shelf.

Use Broad Shoulder Hanger For Normal Clothes

 Use Broad Shoulder Hanger For Normal Clothes

Clothes should be hung on a hanger with broad shoulders in general. However, certain strapless garments are difficult to hang, and many are made of delicate fabrics that deform on the coat hanger.

If you can’t figure out how to hang a strapless dress, flip it inside out. Fold the bodice back on the waistband and hang the dress like a skirt on a hanger using pliers.

Fold The Worked Dress In Reversed Pattern

 Fold The Worked Dress In Reversed Pattern

If the dress’s bodice is intricate and you don’t want to harm it with pliers, always store it backward, with the bodice inside the skirt.

Sew two-loop tapes of equal length on each side of the waist. Hang the dress on a triangle hanger using the two flaps for evening gowns. This is a standard jacket coat hanger with a slot on the end, allowing thin shoulder straps to be hung.

If you’re worried about the caliper ruining the skirt’s fabric, hang the garment by putting a piece of tissue paper inside the caliper.

Use Boxes And Dividers

Use Boxes And Dividers

How often have you searched the whole closet to find the lost item? This is a regular occurrence, owing to the disorder that tends to accumulate and complicate things without effective structure. Even if your wardrobe is relatively small, you may manage to keep it organized.

They welcome space-saving solutions in these situations, able to reduce clothing clutter and maximize available space. Making sure to keep everything in its place is the rule to follow. Use boxes, organizers, and dividers to store all the garments that can be folded easily.

Instead, you can use two creative ways to hang your clothes: multiple hangers and those that save space.

A single hook With Multiple Hangers

A single hook With Multiple Hangers

If your clothes rail is so clogged with hangers that you can’t fit any fresher clothing on it, try this alternative system: it’s a space-saving hanger, which you can find in home improvement stores or online.

This technique allows you to hang multiple items on a single hook; also, you can select whether to hang the hanger horizontally or vertically, reducing the footprint of your garments.

Organize The Clothes On Multiple Hangers

Organizing the outfits already in your wardrobe is the simplest way to stay organized and quickly find what you’re looking for.

Organize The Clothes On Multiple Hangers

To accomplish so, utilize the crutch system many two-in-one. A can tab threaded on the coat hanger’s hook allows you to hang a second hanger, meant for a garment to be integrated with the first through the second hole of the same tab.

Before making any alterations to your closet, ensure you have enough storage space. To arrange a closet, divide the space using rods and shelves to make the most of every inch. Make sure no gaps exist between them because dirt and dust particles love to breed in them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it efficient to use two changers to hang a long dress?

Yes! Using two hangers, you can hang your dresses in a low-rod wardrobe. To finish, place the skirt section on the second hanger.

What are the best ways to organize a short closet?

You can use both dividers and drawers. One of the best strategies for organizing a tiny wardrobe full of clothes is to use several space-saving techniques. Stacking storage bins will save space.

How to maximize the space of a short closet?

A compact walk-in closet can feel more spacious by using thinner hangers, adding rods for hanging items, and utilizing containers on the top shelf.


It’s impossible to run out of closet organization ideas. Obtaining an additional cloth rack next to your present one is one of the most popular and extensively used among these options. This will assist you in organizing your clothing not just by kind but also by color.

A closet doesn’t have to be a dreadful sight to behold. Indeed, by ensuring that everything has its own space, you may turn it into a great haven for your items. Also, remember that not every home will follow the same norms. You may need to adjust to fit your needs and storage capacity.

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