How To Raise An Air Mattress Off The Floor

How To Raise An Air Mattress Off The Floor
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: July 5, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

You want to keep your air mattress for a long time and are concerned about it. Then, a method of mattress preservation is required. Investing in an air mattress platform that allows you to sleep comfortably is the best option.

If you’re one of the many people who experience discomfort when sleeping on an air mattress and you’re at the shallow point, don’t worry. Several methods are available to lift your air mattress off the ground or the floor.

You should seek out activities you can participate in or activities that best fit your financial situation. This article will cover everything, including what you need to know about air mattresses, why you should lift one off the floor, and how to do it.

Air Mattress: An Overview

The most convenient type of bedding available is air mattresses. The mattresses must be transported everywhere you intend to use them and are only converted to air beds following inflation. It is deflated, packed, and kept for further use after usage.

No extra equipment is required for packing. It merely requires that you open the valve, let the air out, wrap it up, and put it into its bag. Following a mattress purchase, the bag is typically included if a person or couple wants a place to sleep, temporarily or permanently; an air mattress is a comfy option.

It is possible to get a high double mattress, which is as thick and tall as a regular bed without a headboard. Inflatable air chambers for comfort or other kinds of material for support may be included in these mattresses.

Ways To Raise An Air Mattress Off The Floor

There are numerous ways to lift an air mattress off the ground, but you must be certain of your motivations before doing so. Typically, there are two causes for why individuals increase their air mattresses.

You want to protect yourself from the uneven terrain if you go camping or wish to sleep outside. When you lie on the floor in your room, your mattress does not feel comfortable or look attractive. If your mattress is raised for the first time, you should concentrate on the platform’s stability. If it is raised for the second time, you need a taller frame.

Plywood Base Is The Best Option For Raising Air Mattress

Plywood can be used if you wish to safeguard your air mattress by elevating it off the ground. It is a cheap and fantastic alternative to take. However, it would help if you also thought about enhancing it.

To prevent unexpected contact with the air mattress, you must cover it. Sometimes plywood might also have sharp edges. You can protect your plywood with a bed cover, tarp, or other methods to prevent that.

However, remember that it is feasible if you don’t put your air mattress on top of a naked piece of plywood. Make sure to purchase the thickest piece of plywood possible.

Metal Bed Frame Elevates The Air Mattress

Use a metal bed frame to elevate your mattress and to prevent pressure from the person’s weight on the mattress. The finest spot for your metal bed frame to be kept is here. If you want to upgrade your mattress, or even if you already have one, you can get a thicker, more comfortable mattress.

You can produce it. Making them is not challenging. Simply make sure it is sturdy enough to support air mattresses and ordinary bed sheets to prevent slippage. Utilizing these metals has the benefit that they are strong and long-lasting.

You can use it even as a seat in your garden or your deck. Rest confident that this chair won’t fall over or flip over.

Use A Box Spring

A spring box is best to raise your air bed securely and to the appropriate height. You can use this as a final resort if you could not locate plywood or found it difficult to do so in your location.

The only issue is that plywood is far less expensive than spring boxes. On the other hand, spring boxes have better impacts and results on air mattresses than plywood. Box springs are specifically designed for all sorts of mattresses, not just air mattresses. Indeed, it is really easy and flexible to use a box spring for an air mattress.

Add A Non-Slip Rubber Pad Beneath The Air Mattress

Your air mattress can be kept from slipping and sliding with a non-slip rubber pad. However, you need to cover it with a typical bed sheet because the rubber cushion could be warm while you sleep on it. These pads are available online or by creating a rubber mat at home.

Although it doesn’t raise the mattress off the floor, neither the mattress nor the bed linens are harmed. Another option is a mattress pad with a non-slip rubber backing that is thick and soft. Because it doesn’t contain any chemicals and has anti-bacterial qualities, this pad is excellent for your air mattress.

Is It Important To Raise An Air Mattress Off The Floor?

An air mattress that is too low will make you feel uneasy because you won’t have enough room to breathe. An air mattress might be dangerous, especially if placed on the floor. Sharp things could poke it, which could lead to serious deflation.

When you sleep on a surface raised off the ground, it is more comfortable than a surface not elevated. Your body is also more relaxed. Raising an air mattress off the ground is also beneficial for several other reasons.


While air mattresses are lightweight, portable, and reasonably priced, they can rapidly become ruined if you don’t take adequate care of them. Keep in mind that you are investing in items to make your air mattress survive for a very long time.

Hopefully, you’ll be as creative and apply your learned information to obtain a good night’s rest on your air mattress.

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