How To Remove Cabinet Shelf Clips

How To Remove Cabinet Shelf Clips
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: May 8, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Cabinet and closet shelves are detachable and adjustable, one of its advantages. Adjustable shelf clamps support these shelves. Although the direct approach depends on the shelf clips you have, removing adjustable clips is a simple operation.

Some shelf clips involve unhooking the clip where it attaches to the wall, while others press in and pull out. Many cabinets include shelf clips since they’re affordable, easy to adjust, and most importantly, they retain the shelf in place.

On the other hand, Cabinet shelf clips can fall off at the peg, stop operating, or need to be adjusted to a higher level. A cabinet shelf clip can be removed as long as the peg is intact. You may remove the shelf clip with just a drill, hammer, and a little screw if the peg is damaged.

What Are The Benefits Of Removing Cabinet Shelf Clips?

The shelf is well supported by standard, non-locking cabinet shelf pegs. However, one problem is that they cannot keep the shelf in place. Reaching for goods on a lower shelf can cause the upper shelf to become unsettled. A shelf might also tilt over due to poorly placed shelf pegs.

The hinged lock of a cabinet shelf clip secures the shelf in place. The shelf will clear the top of the peg and be freed if you push the lock with your finger. To remove, simultaneously depress two clips and raise one side of the shelf. It only takes seconds with help. It only takes about a minute longer without an assistant.

Removing the cabinet doors is another option. The doors can be removed and replaced if your cabinet has concealed hinges. Drive a small screw into the peg and remove it with a claw hammer if a clip has broken off and cannot be pulled out by hand.

Steps To Remove Cabinets Shelf Clips

Examine the area beneath the shelf where the adjustable shelf clips meet. Some shelf clips have screws that fasten them to the shelf, while others are permanently attached. Grab the shelf at both ends and lift it with one hand.

Lift the back of the shelf to disconnect it from the wall if the shelf clips have come up with it.

Check Under The Cabinets For Screws

If there are screws pushed through the plastic shelf clip and into the shelf for stability, look underneath the shelf that will be removed.

Empty The Cabinet Shelf

Before starting work, remove any books, equipment, and other items from the shelf. Using a Phillips or blade screwdriver, remove any connection screws. Raise one end of the shelf to release it from the shelf clip. If the shelf is stuck somehow, tap up on the bottom.

The shelf may be removed by tilting it up on one end and sliding it out.

Pull Clips Straight Out

Remove the shelf clip from its hole. Using your fingers, pull straight out. If required, use pliers to grasp the clip and pull it straight out, careful not to break the plastic clip. Rep till all clips have been eliminated successfully.

Steps To Remove The Cabinet Shelf Clips By Taking Off The Door

Doors can be quickly removed and replaced without losing their pre-set swing adjustment if your cabinet has concealed hinges.

  • With one hand, open one cabinet door and fasten it in place.
  • Reach into the cabinet with the other hand. Press the metal lever on the back of the hinge sideways. Rep with the opposite hinge. The hinges should now be free of their hinge plates.
  • Keep the cabinet box’s hinge plates in place. Takedowns the door. A rep for the opposite door.
  • Slide the shelf toward you with both hands, maintaining the shelf precisely level as you do so.
  • To release the pegs from the holes on the side of the cabinet, carefully twist the cabinet shelf clips.
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