How To Store Linens With No Linen Closet

How To Store Linens With No Linen Closet
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: May 26, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

While having a linen closet for blankets, extra linen stuff is convenient; not every home has one. However, before you lament that you don’t have enough storage room for anything, check through your linens and make sure you’re not keeping more than you need.

So, whether you don’t have a linen closet or use your dedicated linen closet to store other stuff, this post will show you inventive ways to store your linens that don’t require a dedicated linen closet. After decluttering them, you might be amazed at how little more room you need for your linens.

If you don’t have a dedicated linen closet, there are many different ways to keep your linens appealing and practical.

Ways To Store Linen Without A Closet

Use Baskets

The cute rolls of blankets inside the baskets are there because you had no other place to store them. Baskets are gorgeous and colorful, and your guests won’t notice they’re there because you have no other place to store them.

Instead, it will appear as a thoughtful, guest-friendly gesture that you made available if someone was feeling under the weather.

Use A Repurposed Dresser Or Drawer For Linen Storage

Repurposing an armoire or a small dresser to store linens is perhaps the most obvious solution to a shortage of closet space. All you need is a convenient place to conceal built-in storage behind closed doors or drawers.

Alternatively, an open bookcase can be used to store linens. To contain the sheets and towels and keep matching sets together, arrange them in stylish bins on the shelves.

Use Bookcase As Linen Storage

Don’t use bookshelves only for book placement. Hang one on an open wall or in a corridor to store your linens, towels, and other random stuff. Even though it’s smaller than a typical standalone wardrobe, you can still add doors to a bookshelf and keep your linens hidden while having extra walking space.

Alternatively, keep them as an elegant open storage unit and organize them with baskets.

Store Linen In Storage Ottoman

If you have a storage ottoman, you can use it to store linens. Simply fold your pieces, lay them inside, and close the lid to hide your pieces from view.

This approach has the extra benefit of sitting on most chests and ottomans, making it a useful multi-purpose option when space is limited, and you merely need a place to lay your socks and shoes at the foot of your bed.

Use A Decorative Ladder To Add Linen To It In Drape Pattern

Larger things, such as blankets, can be stored on a beautiful ladder leaning against a wall. For easier access, drape your sheets over the rungs. This is also a great way to display rare artifacts like heirloom quilts that are supposed to be seen and enjoyed if they’re attractively displayed.

This technique is also a wonderful way to store towels for convenient access if you have your bathroom floor and wall space.

Use Building Shelves

Consider putting shelves over your bathroom or bedroom door to store towels, spare blankets, or sheets, as this is an area that is rarely used. Linens can be folded or rolled directly on the shelf or placed in beautiful containers or baskets.

They’ll be out of the way in this hiding spot, but they’ll be easy to get to when you need them. If you’re going to build shelves, be sure they’re strong enough to hold the weight you’ll be putting on them.

Consider Extra Storage Space From Your Clothing Closets

Make a little area at the top of your closet shelf, or add a hanging closet organizer to store that specific bedroom’s linens. Another option, which most people prefer, is to store comforters and blankets in attractive canvas boxes high up on the wall, then keep the bedroom’s regularly used sheets and pillowcases at a lower level, easily accessible.

Upper shelving that isn’t ideal for clothing could be ideal for extra bedding. Linens can also be stored at the top of your closet. Purchase vacuum storage bags to suck the air out of larger goods, which would also work for storage under a bed or on top of your closet, to provide extra space for larger items like fluffy comforters or pillows.

Add A Multi-Level Towel Bar Behind The Door For Linen

To make extra room for your linens, look into storage solutions on the back of a door, especially for smaller goods. Depending on your needs, shelving units can be hung from the top of the door or fixed to the door itself.

A multi-level towel bar mounted on the back of a door, or a wall can also be used to store towels. Depending on how much space you need, you may put one on an existing closet door or the back of a bathroom or bedroom door.

Final Thoughts

If you have found discussed ways to store your linen useful, you can also go for combination ways. In this way, you can clutter your linen in different areas, but in a good manner. Hopefully, this article will help you effortlessly and decoratively arrange all your linen stuff, including beddings and blankets.

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