The Ultimate Guide to Prioritize Rooms for Residential House Painting

The Ultimate Guide to Prioritize Rooms for Residential House Painting
  • Author: Mahtab Idrees
  • Posted On: April 5, 2021
  • Updated On: July 2, 2023

‘A fresh Coat of Paint can do wonders’

Indeed, Residential House Painting Toronto isn’t a fun job. You need to move furniture from one room to another, cover the furniture to avoid paint splatters, and wall preparation for the flawless painting.

Nevertheless, whenever you think about painting your home, it is necessary to plan everything strategically and work properly. Keep one thing in mind: you will have to sleep in some other rooms for a brief time (while painting a specific room). Moreover, smells and fumes are pretty normal, and you have to tolerate them for a particular period.

You can make your residential painting simple and straightforward by planning it strategically.

Guess how?

Well, for this, you need to read the entire discussion properly because here we are highlighting some exciting tips and an ultimate guide to prioritizing rooms for painting.

Let’s look at these interesting tips together!

Why do you want to Paint Your Home?

You need to decide the ultimate goal of your house painting in the first place. For instance, do you want to repaint your room and kitchen to enhance its overall market value? Or, your key objective is to augment the curb appeals of your living area?

You should know the answers to all these questions before time because it helps you prioritize your rooms for painting.

For example, if you want to sell your home at reasonable rates, then paint the room first to create a significant impact. Generally, it is preferable to paint the entryway, living room, bathrooms, master rooms, and kitchen first to make them look appealing to the potential customers.

But, if you gradually want to update your home, you can start with guest rooms, guest bathrooms, and the sitting area because they are likely out of the way.

Which Room To Paint First?

You can follow the subsequent sequences while painting your home. It is suggested to hire professional residential painters to bring perfection and aptness to your home painting.

The Ultimate Guide to Prioritize Rooms for Residential House Painting


Painting your master room and bathrooms first is the best option to consider while painting your home. This way, you can settle back into living your everyday life in less time.

Once the professional residential painters complete painting your master room and bathrooms, you can get a place to sleep peacefully. It doesn’t make you feel that you live in someone else’s home or are campaigning in your home.

Moreover, a well-painted bedroom is quite advantageous for your mental health. It gives you a completely tranquil and calm feeling when you sleep in a well-painted bedroom after a hectic routine.

That’s why; it is suggested to prioritize your bedrooms and bathrooms while painting your home.


If you have decided to paint your whole house, it is better to opt for your kitchen. If your kitchen is inoperable, you can’t manage other chores perfectly. You can’t prepare healthy meals at home, and it’s a wastage of money to order food because you can’t cook in your kitchen.

So, it is preferable to start with a kitchen to resume your cooking without any impediment. Also, striking and attractive paint colors in the kitchen double the fun and joy, especially when preparing meals in the kitchen. Additionally, a neat and flawlessly painted kitchen makes you feel contented and pleased.

Another great benefit of painting a kitchen first is that generally, each home has one kitchen, and it requires less time to paint a kitchen compared to other rooms of a house.

Living Room

Everyone knows that the living room is the largest in the house. That’s why; it takes considerable time and effort to paint this particular room of a home. So, you need to the patient while painting the living room because the paint job can’t be finished in a few hours.

Generally, you need to move furniture from the living room to other rooms of your home (including kitchen and bedroom). Therefore, we suggest you paint this room after painting all other rooms of your home because painting this room is somewhat disruptive.

Laundry Room

Usually, people don’t paint their laundry room more often, but we recommend you to paint it well like you paint any other room of your home. The laundry room is generally tiny. It requires less time and effort to paint it. So, paint it once you are done painting all other rooms of your home.

You can put clothes and all other objects outside the room for a while because painting this small room won’t take much time.

Let Your Home Shine Better with Professional Painters

You can make your home look striking and attractive by choosing top-notched painters and premium quality paint colors. So, give a new life to your home and hire professional residential painters now.

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