What Is Spandrel Ceiling


Are your linear wood ceilings and sidings in need of a long-lasting replacement? A spandrel ceiling can be the perfect finish for ceilings, eaves, and shades and be both attractive and functional. Here’s everything you need to know about installing a spandrel ceiling and eaves panels in your home.

Spandrel has a practical charm that makes it ideal for eaves, ceilings, and shades. Steel is the most common material used in spandrels, and steel businesses frequently deal with the same material. It is normal for them to provide these materials in this manner.

Spandrel: An Overview:

Although they are commonly called spandrels, spandrels are also referred to as soffits, which means something fixed beneath. Steel, vinyl, aluminum, and wood can all be used to make spandrels. However, steel is the most popular material for spandrels in the Philippines, making it cost-effective for a ceiling system. They’re made up of a variety of materials in most cases. Aluminum, steel, vinyl, and wood are the most common materials. Steel is the most well-known in the Philippines due to its numerous advantages and widespread availability. As a result, it’s a practical ceiling system option.

You can get spandrel with or without vents, as mentioned previously. Both types of roofs have advantages so that you can get both for your roof. Airflow is better in the one with vents. Small insects can, however, get through the holes, which is a disadvantage. As a result, for every three plain spandrels, a vented spandrel should be used.

Types Of Spandrels:

Basically, there are two types of spandrels, with and without vents. You have to choose one based on different parameters, including width, design and ventilation needs. Ceiling systems and spandrels are normally 4 or 6 inches wide. Depending on your demands and what would appear best with your house design, you can choose between plain, ribbed, or ridged for this one.

You can pick between spandrels with or without vents for ventilation. However, you can buy both with and without vents for your complete roofing system because they provide varied benefits depending on where they are installed. While vents every three plain models provide better ventilation, they also attract little insects that can slip through the holes.

Benefits Of Spandrels:

  • Due to their metal qualities, they are resistant to dampness.
  • They are nearly fire-resistant in the event of a fire.
  • The filth that has gathered can be quickly rinsed away with running water.
  • Spandrels can be made in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • Steel roofing vendors have easy access to the market, making it popular.
  • Water Resistant – does not degrade when exposed to water.
  • Due to its lightweight, it is simple to install the spandrels.

Why Should You Prefer Spandrel Ceiling?

Here are additional reasons why you should have a spandrel ceiling in your home:

  • Practical and simple to set up
  • It can be used to conceal the exposed undersides of your roof eaves outside overhanging sections.
  • You can save money on maintenance because it is termite-resistant and takes less time to maintain.
  • It can greatly improve airflow circulation because it also comes with pre-punched, vented designs.
  • A spandrel ceiling prevents mould from growing around the roof if you have wood rafters.
  • If you’re considering a steel spandrel ceiling, which is the most popular of all the materials we’ve discussed, you can get more benefits

Steps To Install The Spandrel Ceiling:

If you have decided to add the spandrel ceiling to enhance the overall look of your roof, get complete guidelines and instructions from the following steps:

1)Check Your Roof’s Condition:

Make sure the roof is clear of leaks and damage before installing the spandrel and ceiling system. Before enclosing it, it’s best to double-check for any mistakes made by the roofer. Furthermore, after the eaves are covered, it will be difficult to inspect for leaks.

2)Install A Supporting Frame:

The installation of short spandrels necessitates the use of a supporting frame or channel. Spandrels are typically used on the eaves and edges of the roof and come in various lengths. That is why, before installing the spandrels and ceiling system, the frame must be installed first.

End and center moldings are commonly used to construct the frame. When the spandrels are set on top of them, they act as a supporting component. End moldings are screwed together with a facia board to create a finished look. The ridges are used to install center mouldings.

3)Insert Spandrels:

Insert the spandrel between the two end moldings once the frame is finished. Lap them one after the other, piece by piece. It will be necessary to cut spandrels near to a center molding to fit and cover the space.

You may need to cut a few pieces to fit and cover the remaining space for spandrels at the middle molding. Depending on the specification and intended look, the spandrel and ceiling system can be any form and curve. They will cost more if you want it on certain shapes or if you want to add any substantial production complexity.

Final Verdict:

It’s no wonder that spandrel ceilings are becoming a popular choice among homeowners for roof eaves and ceiling finishes because they combine both beauty and usefulness. Aluminum and wood are the most prevalent. However, a steel-based ceiling system is the preferred option.

Meta Description:

Spandrels are also known as soffits. It is one of the best ways to increase the beauty of your roof effortlessly and most appealingly. Indeed, it would be the best option to consider covering the exposed areas under the surfaces.


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