What Is The Best Flooring For Stairs

What Is The Best Flooring For Stairs
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: July 18, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

The aesthetic of your home can be made or broken by choice of stair flooring. There are several things to consider when choosing the best flooring for stairs, whether you’re building a new house or updating the one you already have.

There are several things to consider while selecting the floor for your staircase. However, given that stairways are likely to see the greatest traffic in your home, durability and practicality are undoubtedly the most crucial factors.

Things To Consider Before Choosing Best Flooring For Stairs

When remodeling your staircases, you need to consider several things. Choose a staircase that flows well with the rooms on the upper and lower floors flooring. Because there are expensive, medium-priced, and inexpensive flooring materials available, you should consider your budget.

If you put down carpet, you must regularly vacuum it. Most significantly, please think about noise levels and safety. In particular, you should consider their needs if you have children, seniors, or pets.

Safety, sturdiness, simplicity of maintenance and style should all come first when installing stair flooring. Given that, you ought to take your staircase’s style into account. The continuous nature of regular steps should allow them to work effectively with many types of flooring.

A special staircase should be left exactly as intended if you have one. Call an architect to redesign it if you need to remodel it.

Best Flooring Options For Stairs


For stairs, the flooring is excellent. Since a carpet has strong traction, it has little risk of sliding or falling. A carpet feels good underfoot and offers the best soundproofing available. In addition, it is reasonably priced.

However, keeping the carpet clean and free of allergies can be difficult. Additionally, a carpet might not hold up to regular wear and would need to be replaced. The fact that carpet is available in almost any color or design is another benefit.

Carpet reduces the noise made by feet moving up and down steps. Hard surfaces provide less traction than carpeted steps, which also feel softer underfoot. Due to its capacity to retain heat, it is also the material that keeps feet the hottest.

Hardwood Flooring

The rooms upstairs and downstairs should have hardwood floors so that you can choose hardwood for the stairs. The eternal beauty of hardwoods is traditional.

Your budget can be accommodated by the large selection of hardwoods available at various price points. There are several different tree species from which to choose. Engineered hardwood vs. solid hardwood is another option to think about.

Hardwoods are a fantastic material for staircases and are simple to keep and clean, in contrast to the carpet. But compared to other solutions, hardwood staircases might be slick and noisy. Compared to other flooring options, it is considerably more expensive.

Each wood has unique marks and can be stained to match the style and atmosphere of your house. It is possible to choose from a variety of stains and designs. Mixing and matching hardwood floors is also simple.

To keep them clear of dust and debris, wooden stairs require only sweeping or vacuuming. Use a wood floor cleaner every so often to maintain them shiny.

Luxury Vinyl Planking

A very versatile and affordable material for staircases is the luxury vinyl plank. Although practically any image you can think of may be reproduced on vinyl flooring, oak and hickory wood are the most widely used options.

Since vinyl plank comprises high-quality materials, it is nearly impossible to discern the difference between it and real hardwood. Vinyl plank is incredibly simple to maintain due to its waterproof and stain-resistant composition.

As a strong and long-lasting flooring option, vinyl plank is perfect for staircases that require daily use. You can have stairs that resemble hardwood, ceramic, or stone at a reduced cost by using a vinyl plank, which comes in a range of distinct looks.

Tiles Risers

If your steps need extra flair, consider using tile as a decorative stair riser in addition to the current stair treads. Tile comes in a vast range of textures, patterns, and colors that can accommodate any style or budget.

Due to its superior durability over porcelain or glass, ceramic is the most popular and suggested tile type for stair risers. The placement of tile steps within your home is restricted because tiles are heavier than the other materials on this list. Before installing your chosen tiles, ensure your steps can support their weight.

Putting down tiles is the most difficult aspect of installing any floor, but there are many things to consider. Mortars and several tools are needed. You will spend much money and work on the tile installation process.

Bottom Line

You can choose any style of flooring for your stairwell. Therefore, go with a look that complements your personal preferences. If you decide on a tile or hardwood floor, you must take precautions to avoid falls.

You must also consider the price of installation, cleaning, durability, and purchase of materials. A key component of every home is the staircase. Your home’s exterior can be completely transformed by updating your staircase. There are numerous finishes available.

It’s possible that you are now visualizing the perfect staircase and hallway match and debating whether it would be better to match these in terms of color and flooring. To create the impression of more space, match the stairs and the hallway, which will make the area feel more fluid and continuous.

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