Does Salt Kill Fleas On Hardwood Floors

Does Salt Kill Fleas On Hardwood Floors
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: February 4, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Do you believe your hardwood floor has a flea infestation? Maybe your pet is constantly scratching itself, and you want to ensure there aren’t any fleas in the house? In this post, we’ll look at the warning signs of a flea infestation, as well as how to treat your hardwood floors if you have one.

Natural medicines may be met with much mistrust. Is it true that they work? Is it time and effort well spent? It would help if you were certain that an anti-flea product would work before using it. It’s a horror to spend any more time with a flea infestation.

So, let’s talk about a typical flea treatment at home: salt. Compared to the complex and powerful chemical flea products on the market, it appears to be a simple procedure. Is it true that salt kills fleas and flea eggs, or is it merely a folktale? Continue reading to get all answers:

How Fleas Survive On The Hardwood Floor?

Flea’s breed and live in overgrown grasses that grow around your home in humid regions. Fleas grab on to your pet when they enter such areas. This is how fleas get into your house.

Fleas can also enter your home by leaping through open windows. Fleas jump from one place to another. They can easily enter your property through the bushes and shrubs that grow around the perimeter. They can also be introduced into your home by stray animals such as squirrels and birds.

Flea control on non-carpeted surfaces might be difficult. This is because you can only employ treatments that do not contain water. Given how fragile wooden floors are and how easily they may be harmed, having fleas hide on or inside them is even more complicated.

How To Identify The Fleas In The Hardwood Floor?

Basically, unless you’re specifically hunting for fleas, it can be not easy to tell. You can’t overlook the major indicators of a flea infestation, however.

Flea dirt is reddish flea feces that has been digested blood. Flea filth could be found on the wooden floor or between the wooden rafters. Fleas are lurking on the floor, as evidenced by tiny white flea eggs on carpet and rugs. Flea eggs are really small. To find them, you might need a magnifying lens.

The Working Mechanism Of Salt To Kill The Fleas

Fleas lay their eggs in the dark, warm areas deep within couch cushions or thick rugs. Sprinkle the salt on the affected regions and wait for it to work. Because salt is a dehydrating agent, it draws moisture from the surroundings, which the fleas require to survive.

Both the larvae and the adults are killed due to this process. Salt not only dries the environment but may also remove all of the moisture from the flea’s body if it comes into contact with it.

While it’s true that salt can kill flea eggs, it’s more accurate to say that it can also kill adult fleas and young flea larvae. Because an egg or a cocoon protects the fleas, the salt is unlikely to harm them.

As a result, the key to killing fleas at all phases is to use salt regularly. After you’ve applied the salt once, repeat the process in one or two weeks to ensure that any larvae that survived and hatched during that time have been killed.

To be sure, repeat the process a couple more times to guarantee you’ve killed every last flea.

Steps To Treat The Fleas With Salt

If you are going to use the salt to prevent the flea’s infestation on your hardwood floor, you have to work on it with the help of the following steps:

1) Use A Refined Salt

Use either table salt or sea salt, but make sure it’s very finely ground. Make a fine powder out of it. Fleas are less likely to contact bigger salt particles.

2) Sprinkle The Salt Over The Targeted Areas

Once the salt has been ground, sprinkle it over any areas where fleas may be present. This includes your upholstered furniture and rugs. It’s even safe to apply on your dog’s bedding.

3) Brush The Floor Or Material

Brush the furniture to ensure that the salt is thoroughly absorbed. You don’t want it stuck to your carpet’s top strands. Allow one or two days for the salt to settle, and keep your dog out of the area. If you sprinkled salt on the beds, make sure anyone can’t get to it. You’ll want to allow the salt time to work its magic.

4) Vacuum The Floor Or Carpet

Vacuum the carpet and furnishings once you’ve waited. Use a smaller vacuum to get into all the little cracks on the couch.

5) Repeat The Process If Needed

After two weeks, you can repeat the process if you notice the fleas, even after a few days of treatment. However, you can also repeat the process every week if needed.


Fleas can be killed using salt, a terrific, safe, and cost-effective way. Make sure you have lots of salt in your home in case of a flea infestation. This strategy is budget-friendly and gives you peace of mind because the safety of your family and pets is paramount.

Even if you don’t want to use salt to treat the flea’s infestation, you can also go for other remedies and ingredients according to your choice. Make sure to get assistance from professionals to save your floor from any worst results.

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