Eichler Homes; Now and Then

Eichler Homes
  • Author: Ivy Smith
  • Posted On: December 12, 2022
  • Updated On: December 12, 2022

A Sneak peek into the History of Eichler Homes

Eichler homes are some of the most celebrated tract residences in the United States. They were constructed between 1949 and 1966 and became a part of midcentury modern design.

The real estate builder who was behind such an epitomized work was Joseph Eichler.  By that time, modern architecture was confined to higher-end custom homes and large corporate buildings rather than middle-class residences.

With flat or low-slung gable roofs, an emphasis on low, horizontal forms and fewer windows, Eichler homes were initially seen as unconventional.

But the illuminated interiors with skylights, floor-to-ceiling windows and private outdoor rooms and gardens made this type of construction gain popularity with time. They were constructed with walls of glass in order to create open, inviting living spaces that would blend the indoors with the outdoors.

Key Features

  • Through large windows facing outdoors and minimalistic indoors, the residents feel connected with the natural landscape. The intent behind putting in too much glass during the construction of such homes was to end the dividend between the inside and outside world and to realistically connect the two.
  • Eichler homes generally have a post and beam construction and a roofed atrium. Mikhael quotes, “These homes have thin roofs that feel like pure geometric sheets laid atop an open plan.”
  • Eichler homes have simple facades and a flat or low-slung roof.

Eichler homes create a beautiful nexus between the indoor and outdoor.

By now you must be thinking that even contemporary homes have these features as mentioned for an Eichler home. The reason is that the mid-century design of Eichler homes has impacted the architecture of modern homes over the generations. Therefore, in the present-day world, we get to witness a form of resemblance between the two.

Large windows in an Eichler room provide aesthetic views.

However, if one is in search of an Eichler home, it is important to do the research as homework first. This is because many builders purport a house to be an Eichler based on just a couple of resemblances. So, beware of such a scam and research the communities that have Eichler homes and then proceed with an investment in buying one.

Pros of an Eichler Home

  • Eichler homes have a plethora of windows to create a light and bright living space. The windows are large and extend from the floor to the ceiling. Apart from providing conjunction with the natural landscape, these windows also serve to make the indoors airy and spacious.
  • Eichler homes have an intentional minimalist design. This includes simple materials and finishes and subtle designs.
  • To cut down on building materials, Eichler homes do not have central forced air. Instead, the home is heated through radiant floor heating throughout the entire home.
  • The amenity of sliding doors makes it easy to control the amount of light entering an area.

Airy and spacious interior in an Eichler home

Cons of an Eichler Home

  • The maintenance of an Eichler home is demanding and sometimes irksome to put up with.
  • A lack of insulation in the house sometimes wards off potential investors from investing in such a house. It becomes hard for residents to stay calm in the winter because of the chilling cold weather.
  • Owing to a minimalistic design, most of the Eichler homes do not have an attic space, that otherwise may be utilized for insulation and storage space.

It is to be kept in mind that every Eichler home is different from the others. There can be some problems with one home and some others with the other. Therefore, proper maintenance and timely restoration are the only ways of getting comfortable living in the house.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who was the founder of the unique design of an Eichler house?

Joseph Eichler is the unsung hero of the contemporary and traditional Eichler homes. His unique designs of ubiquitous Eichler homes present throughout California revive his contributions to the modern architecture. Despite the homes being built half a century ago, they still look relevant in the modern-day architecture.

The Eichler homes became extremely popular after the world-war II. This is because these homes were sought after to accommodate the augmented influx of people owing to their simple yet aesthetic design. Eichler experimented with the house designs and kept on upgrading it to accommodate maximum provisions of a comfortable living. Today, Eichler homes are commonly known among the masses as the “California Modern” style.

What makes Eichler homes unique and desirable?

In the contemporary construction industry, Eichler homes are touted as the epitome of art and architecture. Their distinctive design does not fall short of aligning them with the outdoor landscape. In addition, these types of homes can easily be updated and modified, and this makes them distinctive and desirable.

Why are Eichler homes so expensive?

For extensively upgraded Eichler homes or the original ones built a long time ago, one has to surely drop in some premium price. This is because the old and original Eichler homes are difficult to find and the upgraded ones provide a nexus between the cores of an Eichler and modern living standard.

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