What is Fascia on House: Purpose and Types Explained

Fascia on house
  • Author: Ivy Smith
  • Posted On: May 9, 2023
  • Updated On: September 14, 2023

Every time it rains, you might find yourself enjoying every bit of the show. However, if your house’s roof system is deficient of adequate cladding it can cause irreversible damage to your roofing system. But having fascia on the house can make you carefree along with the a proper rain gutter installation

This is because one of the reasons why people get roof fascia is their ability to protect from moisture penetration into buildings. Otherwise it can damage the structure of your roof affecting its strength and durability. So, the fascia boards can be a must-have for your roof.

Let’s find out what function fascia performs as part of the roofing system and what materials can be used to serve the purpose.

What is Fascia on House

Roof fascia refers to the horizontal boards present behind the gutters and leaders on a house running along the lower-edge of the roof. Fascia on the roof are attached with the gutters and responsible for the. They cover the roof rafters and are located on the top of the exterior wall. 

What is Fascia on House

House roofs are a key component of a roof’s eave system and perform many different functions. These fascia boards may not be present on every roof but having them can be beneficial for you in many ways.

3 Main Purposes of Fascia on House Exterior

The fascia on the house are important for many reasons. From gutter cleaning to seasonal maintenance lets take look at some of the common purposes of roof fascia are:

1. Addressing Moisture Ingress Problems

Addressing Moisture Ingress Problems

One of the major purpose fascia on houses serves to prevent the ingress of moisture into the building. Doing so protects the house from water damage and also helps channel water away from the building walls.

2. Enhancing Roof Aesthetics

In addition, house fascia can create a smooth, finished appearance, thereby enhancing the building aesthetics by hiding the exposed edges.

Enhancing Roof Aesthetics

3. Rainwater Management

Another purpose the fascia on the house is to allow gutters or catch basins to collect and divert rainwater from the roof structure. In this regard, the fascia boards serve as mounting points for draining pipes.

Rainwater Management

4 Types of House Fascia Based on Material Used

Types of House Fascia Based on Material Used

Fascia boards are available in various materials and you can pick-choose the type to complement the look of your house. These materials include:

1. Wooden boards

Wooden fascia boards can be painted to give an aesthetic look and are also durable. However, they require periodic maintenance against moisture damage and this limits their use in most of the cases when installing fascia boards for houses.

2. Vinyl boards

Vinyl boards are the preferred one due to their affordability, design flexibility, and low maintenance. You can also get different colors and styles to suit your house.

3. Aluminum boards

Aluminum fascia boards are lightweight and resistant to corrosion. They also require little or no maintenance and are good to go with if your area experiences harsh weather.

4. Composite boards

Composite materials are those that are made by combining two different materials and utilizing their individual potential in one. Fascia boards can also be made using composite materials such as wood and vinyl boards.

The material choice for fascia boards will depend on several factors such as the durability required, aesthetic preferences, cost limitation, etc.

Tips to Choose the Best Fascia Boards

The choice of fascia boards must not be like an arrow shot in the air, hitting short of its target. If you are up to buying these boards, we will bring into light for you the factors that you must consider.

1. Weather Condition

Based on the climate in your area, you must take into account extreme weather conditions, while you select the material for fascia boards. If weather conditions are harsh, make sure to choose the durable material type. 

2. Size and Style

The size and style of the boards must be compliant with your house exterior. The fascia must impart a coherent look and finish to your building instead of burdening it with an added feature.

3. Durability

The durability and longevity of the boards must be taken into account. Afterall, whatever money you spend on making your building weather-resistant must not be an effort gone wasted.

4. Budget Considerations

Budget is another important factor that will dictate which material would be the most economical within the ambit of your calculated budget for the work. For this, you need to weigh different materials with respect to their cost and make an ultimate decision.

With all the above factors in mind, you will definitely come up with the choice of durable-cum-economical fascia boards that will elevate the look of your building and ward off your worries pertaining to moisture penetration.

Elevate Roof Functionality with Fascia Boards

A durable and solid roof structure is what will save you a lot of money in future. That’s why it’s important in good quality fascia boards to prevent your roof from structural damage. Fascia on the roof plays a crucial role in protecting your roof from external damages due to weather changes and pest attacks. Also it holds the gutters in place and enhances the overall appearance of your home. 

However, make sure to focus on the proper installation, otherwise, it will affect their function. So, it is recommended to choose a professional constructor to install these boards properly to prevent such problems in future.


  • After How Long Fascia on Roof Need Replacement?
    The replacement time for roof fascia is not fixed but the boards usually last for 10 years. Several factors determine the lifespan of these boards. Some of these factors include choice of material, regular maintenance, external geographical conditions, etc.. 
  • What are the Common Causes of Damage to Roof Fascia?
    Fascia on the roof are prone to damage due to water exposure (due to gutter clogging, roof leakages, etc.), improper installation, and mold/algae attack.
  • What is the Labor Cost of Roof Fascia Replacement?
    The labor cost for replacement of fascia on roof can go up to $6 to $20 per square foot. So, the size and location of your house greatly affects the overall replacement cost. 
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