Flooring Ideas For Stairs And Landing

Flooring Ideas For Stairs And Landing
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: July 22, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Depending on how many people reside in your home and how much daily foot traffic the hallway and landing will receive, you may choose the carpet that best suits your stairs and landing. Other factors to consider include your taste and style.

Because of the heavy traffic areas, including the stairs and landing, your flooring selection must be practical and attractive. Many individuals pick neutral flooring for their landing and hallway stairs because it unifies the entire property.

It would help if you took the time to consider how you want to style your home’s stairwell and establish the mood. Depending on the flooring you select in this high-traffic area, you may even be able to increase the safety of your home.

Things To Consider Before Choosing Flooring For Stairs And Landing

As you decide how frequently to clean or replace the flooring in these house rooms, consider how much traffic each will see. Given how simple it is to install and maintain, laminate is a popular choice.

Even yet, it’s still a well-liked alternative for staircases and hallways even though it can make more noise when people are walking on it. This won’t affect you much if you live in a cottage or a flat on the ground floor.

If you put down carpet, you must regularly vacuum it. Most significantly, please think about noise levels and safety. Particularly if you have infants and dogs, you should consider your family members’ demands.

Best Flooring Ideas for Stairs And Landing

There are several things to consider while selecting the floor for your staircase. However, given that stairways are likely to see the greatest traffic in your home, durability and practicality are undoubtedly the most crucial factors.


Carpeted floors are among the best options for stair flooring and, for many reasons, work well in both home and business settings. The wide variety of colors and patterns available in carpets works well in most interior spaces.

Additionally, it ranks among the safest stair flooring options in the case of a fall or slide accident. While carpets can provide the advantages mentioned above, they can be more difficult to clean and prone to wear-and-tear issues.

Choosing a style and substance that can handle heavy foot activity is important if you plan to carpet stairs. A carpet runner would be a better alternative because it is simpler to keep clean and adds a contemporary look to any style of stair surface.

Stair rods would look wonderful next to your carpet runner for a fashionable look. If you’re interested in this, carpet runners can also be utilized on stair landings.

Vinyl Tiles

Halls are a great place for luxury vinyl tiles because of their high durability and ability to withstand heavy foot traffic. Since stair tiles are becoming increasingly popular, you can extend your flooring throughout your home’s many levels.

Whether your bedrooms have soft or hard floors will determine the luxury vinyl tiles you have on your landing. However, avoid selecting luxury vinyl tiles for your landing if most of your rooms have soft floors.

Luxury vinyl tiles with a wood look are the clear victor in design for most homes. You have a variety of shades and grains to pick from within that category.

Laminate Stairs Flooring

Laminate is a good option if you want stairway flooring that resembles wood but is less expensive. Compared to hardwood or carpet, it is more adaptable, easier to maintain, and won’t show wear as quickly.

Almost any appearance is also an option, including wood, ceramic, stone, and glazed tiles. On a stairway, however, putting laminate presents some difficulties. While most laminate flooring boards are slightly wider than seven inches, conventional stair treads are 11 inches wide.

This means that you will need to join two planks to cover the entire tread area, which is difficult. The best way to do this is only known to a skilled flooring installation.

Stone Flooring

Stone flooring is an enduring classic for any exterior or interior stair flooring design. The strength and beauty of stone are well known. A timeless design is priceless despite being more expensive than comparable contemporary solutions.

The most long-lasting of all our stair flooring options, stone flooring, can be utilized for indoor and outdoor staircases. Nowadays, the stone is widely accessible in various hues and textures, whether you’re seeking a unified design or a combination of textures to produce something special.

They will require sealing every two years, like most stone flooring and stair landings, to maintain their sturdiness and aesthetic appeal.


There are several benefits of considering the cork flooring for your staircases. It is not only strong and comfortable for feet, but it also provides insulating qualities that keep the treads warm. Always use a sealer to prevent moisture or water damage to cork flooring.

Because it is tactilely soft and can be crafted in various ways, cork and carpet have certain similarities. Cork may be polished to resemble several colors and designs, making it the perfect complement to your current home design concept.

Bottom Line

The best method to improve your property is with a well-built staircase. Only a small number of the many flooring options are appropriate for stairways. The greatest selection for your stairs will depend on your demands and current decor. The ones listed below have their benefits and drawbacks regarding appearance and practicality.

A terrific approach to give your hallway a new, fresh look that makes a great first impression is by installing solid wood flooring on the landing and the stairs.

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