How To Cut Rubber Flooring

How To Cut Rubber Flooring
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: May 10, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

The runner mat normally comes in long lengths when purchasing rubber roll flooring. However, your area may not be fifty feet long. There are two options for dealing with this problem. Custom cut length rolls are available from some businesses, including this one.

We’ll show you how to cut rubber flooring swiftly and easily in this article to get your flooring installed quickly. When you have the necessary tools, installing a rubber floor yourself is simple.

Required Tools For Rubber Floor Cutting

  • Tape measure
  • Utility knife
  • Straight edge
  • Soapy water
  • Measure The Flooring Space:

Calculate how many feet of rubberized flooring you’ll need by measuring your unique space. This is quite important. If you measure incorrectly, your installation will suffer no matter how skilfully you cut your rolls.

Ensure your space is clean to ensure that your flooring installs easily and without bumps or defects. If you’re worried about the piece’s end not being square, cut it an inch or two longer than necessary, then trim it to fit using professional techniques.

Remove All Objects Out

Remove any furniture or objects from the room to achieve precise measurement. Place the runner mat on the floor. Keep in mind that the utility knife may cause harm to the subsoil on which the rubber is resting. Instead of cutting rubber inside, it could be good to do so outside on concrete.

Just remember to keep track of how much rubber flooring you’ll require. Alternatively, lay a narrow cardboard box beneath the roll where the cut will occur.

Safety Is First Priority

Safety comes first! To protect yourself from any accidental cuts, put on your gloves. Utility knives have incredible sharpness. You could lose a finger if you make a mistake. Place your straight edge guide on the rubberized flooring where you wish to cut it. Make sure the straight edge runs the entire length of the mat to guarantee a smooth cut.

Place Knife In Soapy Water

Because rubber has a high coefficient of friction, cutting it cleanly is more challenging. The knife is taken! Simply dip your utility knife into a cup of soapy water to minimize the amount of traction the rubber has on it. The blade will glide across the rubber more smoothly after that.

Because the knife can slip and inflict harm, cutting yourself is even more likely. Depending on the rubber you bought, you may need to score your first cut. To score your cut, you must first run your knife through the top layer of the rubber because you cannot reach the bottom.

Simply cut as much as you can cleanly over the breadth of the rubber with the same pressure.

Cut The Mat Thoroughly To Reach The Bottom Of The Rubber Flooring Mat

Continue moving your knife down this cut until you reach the bottom once completed your initial cut. Make sure to finish each cut rather than stopping and slicing shallow slices in the same spot many times. This will result in a smoother cut.

Check your clean, bespoke cut by lifting the roll rubber mats away from each other. Rep with the remaining rolls until you have the right number of rubber roll sheets for your space. Using this method, the rubber sheets can also be trimmed to fit corners and angles.

Trim The Excessive Rubber Mat

Use the knife to mark the corner where the walls meet to trim corners where there is both surplus length and width. Cut from the mark to the corner of the flooring by lifting it. It is not necessary to cut precisely. Then, follow the explained approach to reduce the surplus length and width of a straight wall.

Wrap Up

Rubber rollers in bulk are an inexpensive option for any bespoke flooring spaces. This is normally because getting a complete roll rather than a bespoke length saves money, but it’s always good to double-check with a sales staff.

Simply measure out your space and custom-cut your own rolls of rubber flooring now that you know how to cut rubber flooring. You saved time and money by installing economical, long-lasting flooring using a simple and quick method.

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