Can You Lay Laminate Flooring Over Carpet

Can You Lay Laminate Flooring Over Carpet
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: May 10, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

The flooring material you choose for your home is important. Whether it’s carpet, wood, tile, or anything else, the flooring has a big impact on the area’s overall look. If you currently have carpet and are considering replacing it with laminate, you may ask if it is possible and how to do so.

If you have a carpeted floor, you may be wondering what options you have for replacing the carpet without replacing it. You may be curious about laminate in particular. Although laminate can be laid over a carpet, it is not recommended.

Laminate atop carpet provides additional insulation and vibration protection. On the other hand, carpets with a high pile can warp the laminate and damage your investment.

Installing Laminate Over Carpet Flooring Is Not A Good Idea

It’s tempting to lay a new floor over the old simply. Consider how much time and hassle you’ll save if you don’t remove the existing flooring. Ceramic tile, for example, is an excellent candidate for this procedure. Unfortunately, keeping an old carpet on a laminate floor is a bad choice.

The major reason laminate flooring should not be installed over carpet is that it is unstable. Laminate is designed to be utilized with a thin, cushionless underlayment. The majority of carpets are too soft and thick.

This can cause the laminate to separate at the delicate tongue-and-groove joints, especially if heavy furniture is placed on it. It’s not worth ruining laminate floors merely to avoid having to remove the carpet first.

Focus On Your Carpet Flooring Condition If You Want To Put Laminate Flooring Over It

It’s critical to understand your current flooring situation before deciding whether or not you may place laminate flooring over carpet in your room. Think about your current flooring, your flooring aspirations, and what you can and can’t do to get there.

The fact that carpet cannot be removed is why some people choose laminate flooring over carpet. This is especially true if you are renting a home or apartment and are not allowed to modify the flooring permanently.

Others are physically unable, unable to pay for additional personnel, or unwilling to complete the additional effort of removing the carpet before installing laminate flooring.

When Is It A Good Option To Install Laminate Flooring?

There is just one type of carpet that is unlikely to cause difficulties with your laminate flooring. This is a glue-down carpet with a low pile. This is the type of carpet found in hotels, theatres, and other business establishments. It’s not particularly soft or flat.

If you’re trying to install new flooring in a commercial building without pulling out the carpet, and it’s this short, hard sort, it might work as an underlayment for laminate. This is never a good idea and is always a backup plan to remove the carpeting.

Due to the glue, which must normally be scraped out by hand with a wide razor blade, this carpet might be one of the hardest to tear out. So, especially if you don’t have much time to get the floor redone.

No Need For Staples And Nails To Put Laminate Flooring

Whether you meet one of the above criteria or are in a different situation where you need a different floor temporarily, you might want to consider installing laminate flooring over your carpet. Laminate flooring does not require nails, staples, or glue because it is installed as a floating floor.

It simply clicks into the adjacent board, locking it in place and anchoring it to the rest of the floor, creating a stable, consistent surface. It is not permanently adhered to your floor or home because it merely floats over your existing floor.

It is easy to fairly unhook the boards from one another and remove the floor when the time comes to remove it and revert to your prior floor.

Go For A Good Staggering Technique To Install Laminate Flooring Over Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles and Berber carpets are still too soft to be used under laminate. They’ll simply cause the floor to bend and flex excessively. The worst that can happen is that the weight of the furniture will harm the tongue-and-groove locking system on the laminate when you move it into the room after the new flooring has been laid.

This may result in finish chipping or board separation. It may be able to divide rows. If you insist on installing laminate flooring over a carpet like this because you believe it is firm enough, you must ensure that the laminate flooring is perfectly spaced.

A proper staggering technique can give your floor a lot of strength and protect you from injury. These carpets are moderately tough to remove, requiring glue scraping with a razor scraper. It will be a trade-off, but the assurance that your new floor will endure longer is worth it.


Before you decide how to install the laminate floor in your room, think about all of the factors listed in this article. Whether you decide to place it over the carpet or not, we hope the ideas we provided help you make an informed decision.

This article will assist you in selecting the best flooring solution for your project, with options to meet any design preference or budget.

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