How To Get Rid Of Pissants In The Kitchen

How To Get Rid Of Pissants In The Kitchen
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: June 10, 2022
  • Updated On: September 22, 2023

Have you ever found uninvited guests hiding under the split-level kitchen countertop or amidst a basket of fruits?  If ignored, pissants can be a major source of aggravation. They are prolific breeders who can set up colonies in a short amount of time, hence inflicting damage to homes.

If you do nothing to eliminate the ants, they will not leave on their own. When you’re looking at an insect, make sure it’s a piss ant. Pharaoh ants, sometimes known as piss ants, can be found worldwide.

If you want to get rid of pissants from your kitchen, you need to be aware of your alternatives, especially when combating them. 

What are Pissants

Because it prefers precious materials, the pissant is sometimes a sugar ant or piss-ant/piss ant. 

They have various colors, yellow and black being the most common. To distinguish it from other species, you may observe a change in the pissant’s back section.

Pissants get their name from the smell they and their colony create. Because formic acid is present in these ants, they have a unique odor. This ant species is one of the tiniest compared to other ant species.

Males have black wings, while females have orange bodies. Three segments, a darker end, and patterns or bands on the abdomen characterize piss ants. Usually, they are found in North America about the size of 1/16 – ⅛ inches long.

They can readily pass through minor cracks due to their small size. They’re generally found in warmer, moister environments, such as around grocery stores and hospitals, as well as outside.

What are the Disadvantages of Pissants in Your Home

If you find ants piling up in your house, there’s a good possibility you have an infestation and a colony that you can’t see. Because ants come in a wide variety of species, some will only enter your home in quest of food. The pissant is a nasty pest that can cause significant damage to your home.

Food Concerns

Because even the gentlest ants will look for food, any species of ant can become a serious pest in your home. One of the types that can cause the greatest harm to your property is piss ants.


Furniture, cupboards, and other wooden items such as base cabinets or kitchen islands can all be infested by the pissants. Due to their quick growth, they can do so easily. This is why sometimes homeowners have to remove the kitchen island entirely.

How to Get Rid of Pissants

If a pissant infestation goes undiscovered in its early stages in the kitchen, you can use various strategies to control the pests. If neglected any longer you may face the need for kitchen renovation time too. Ants can be a major problem in your home, but there are some natural ways to get rid of pissants from your home;

Use Repellents

Sap, tansy, or mint plants can deter pissants from entering your property. You can keep them in your kitchen or other areas where this vexing insect is most prevalent. If you sprinkle cinnamon, turmeric, and black pepper around your house, you can deter ants.

The phytochemicals secreted by these plants work as insect repellents, preventing insects from entering.

Use Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a natural, safe, effective, and environmentally responsible technique to control piss ants. The powder can be evenly distributed at entry sites or on ant colonies.

This environmentally friendly method of eradicating piss ants is effective and entails spreading soil over their colonies. These solutions are really beneficial in allowing piss ants to vanish from your view naturally.

Spray a mixture of White Vinegar and Lemon Juice

To make a pissant spray, combine equal parts water and vinegar. It’s best to spray it around access points or immediately on the bug. This will deter ants from entering your home. Similarly, make lemon juice spray by combining water with lemon juice.

Spray it the same way you would vinegar spray for the same result. However be mindful of using it, as it should not be applied to clean kitchen cabinets.

Use a Boric Acid and Sugar Mixture

Boric acid with half a cup of sugar in a cup of water to make a solution, carefully mix them. Using a cotton ball, soak it in the liquid until it is soaked. To kill the ants, place the cotton near their hives.

Keep The Pipes Sealed

Pipelines, restrooms, kitchen sinks, and waste materials are good places for these insects to hide. You may need to fix the kitchen sink leak to ensure there’s no water leakage or gap. That’s why maintain your space clean, tighten your pipe seals, and wipe away any moist areas. Pissants are usually drawn to food scraps and other edibles.

Make sure your kitchen is clean and that any leftovers that could attract ants are removed. Sweep your kitchen counters and floor regularly.

Trash Out Your Garbage Bags

It is highly recommended to plumb the kitchen sink with disposal. Containing waste food is important to avoid bad odor. Garbage bags should not be left in the house and should be disposed of in case you do not have a garbage disposal installed. The ants can detect food waste and leftovers. The garbage bags should be tightly packed and without gaps. Keep a watchful check on your home, and seal any cracks or holes you uncover.

Apply cold compresses to the bitten area to treat pissant bites. It will help to minimize edema. If you experience a slight allergic response, take an antihistamine. Homeowners are advised to install and clean garbage disposal at regular intervals to avoid the manifestation of pissants or other insects. 

Bottom Line

Good cleanliness procedures can help prevent piss ants from becoming a problem early on. Commercially available pesticides and ant baits can aid in the control of piss ant infestations. Always read the product directions and take precautions, no matter your choice.

Sugary foods, leftovers, and damp spaces attract piss ants, which smell like pee when squished. Piss ants can ruin your food and bring many problems to your residence. They can spread bacteria and thus many diseases.


  • What Kitchen Ingredient I can Use to Get Rid of Pissants?
    You can sprinkle cornstarch over the pissant trails and then pour water. This way you can trap and kill the ants rather easily.
  • Can I Use White Vinegar to Get Rid of Ants in the Kitchen?
    Yes, you can use use white vinegar to get ride of ants as it is a safe and effective option. Also, it will save you costs as compared to insecticides.
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