What Color Flooring Compliment Cinnamon Kitchen Cabinets White Appliances

What Color Flooring Compliment Cinnamon Kitchen Cabinets White Appliances
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: October 8, 2022
  • Updated On: September 29, 2023

Choosing flooring that matches your kitchen cabinets might make it difficult to achieve a pleasing look due to the virtually infinite number of color options. Here are some suggestions for selecting flooring colors that go well with the paint or stain color you choose for your cabinets.

Along with the advice below, consider your kitchen’s accents and style. 

You’ll be able to easily choose the ideal floor color for a kitchen with white cabinets or a cinnamon one. 

Factors to Discover for Cinnamon Cabinetry 

Cinnamon is one of the most common colors that can be easily found in any domestic kitchen. It gives off a more earthly and warmer tone to the kitchen, making it cozier by the day. Before thinking about adding a floor there are some elements you need to consider to make the right choice 

1. Mix Instead of Matching

You might believe that you need to pick materials that match the kitchen’s floors and base cabinets. However, as interior design professionals advise, the aim is to combine complementary elements rather than match them.

For instance, they don’t have to be the same color if you decide on hardwood floors and want unpainted wood cabinets. Dark and light woods, like painted cabinetry and natural stone floors, go well together.

2. Same Color Combination 

It is not easy to replace fixtures and supplies during kitchen renovation. Consider your options carefully and attempt to choose only one intricate feature so that the eye isn’t overloaded before deciding on the herringbone or checkerboard wood flooring.

Adding a lot of color variation to cabinets and floors, such as red or white oak or hickory, makes them appear more textured without looking cluttered.

Staining knotty alder is monochromatic enough to blend in with a busy floor despite its texture and small color variations.

3. Sample Before Installing Cabinets 

Make sure you like how the colors and textures blend by placing a sample of your kitchen’s flooring, cabinet material, countertop, and wall color next to one another in similar lighting. In the finished room, lay the flooring flat with the cabinet material at a 90-degree angle to the flooring.

All colors cost more or less the same. However, the cost of painting cabinets can increase if choosing high-quality color and finishing. 

4. Contrast Cabinets

Any kitchen would benefit from cinnamon cabinets. They instantly modernize even when remodeling small galley kitchens because they are simple, ageless, and effortless. In particular, brass handles can make your cinnamon cabinets appear vintage or antique if you reside in an older home.

Your kitchen can add several décor items that won’t feel out of place if it has cinnamon cabinetry. 

5. Monochromatic Patterned Cabinets

We’re here to assure you that this is not the case, despite your fears that it will make your room seem like something from a horror movie. Your stainless-steel sink will look amazing when paired with cinnamon cabinetry.

Utilize a butcher block countertop or brown subway tiles to add contrast to the room. Your monochrome cabinets and appliances can be contrasted with bright white floors to add some brightness.

6. Colored Floor for a Bold Look

A kitchen with creamy, soft-colored tiles can enhance the cinnamon cabinets like a charmingly aged appearance.

A pastel choice can just be a thing for your kitchen. Installing cinnamon cabinetry in your kitchen island and going neutral are options if you’re not convinced about this edgy appearance.

7. A Natural Look

Brown combinations are becoming acceptable. However many homeowners opt to use the colors in various combinations across their rooms. Think of combining medium-brown, natural cabinets in the kitchen with oakwood flooring in red or white is a favorite choice.

Anyone who wants to build their kitchen this way should choose natural wood flooring. It’s crucial to select a design aesthetic for your kitchen that you like, and if you want timeless cabinets, a natural brown is ideal for your room.

8. Avoid Too Many Patterns 

Avoiding clashing is key; you don’t want to use too many different colors or patterns in one space. For instance, your kitchen’s cabinetry is brilliant blue, and its floors are black and white checkered tiles. You should choose neutral colors for your backsplash, window treatments, and cabinets.

In general, replacing countertops is cheaper and easier than replacing flooring. They can also be painted a new color to alter the appearance of your kitchen. We advise choosing neutral floors and counters that can change with the area because of these factors.


Kitchen remodeling happens occasionally but when it does, all bets are off. Cinnamon is a wide choice for cabinets. You can choose a floor like maple or oakwood that meets the budget and makes your kitchen look appealing.  Flooring can have a direct impact on the entire kitchenette therefore usually a lighter tone is appreciable.


  • Is it a good idea to paint the kitchen floor the same color as the cabinets?
    You need to avoid overdoing the color match with the cabinets and floor. The use of accent colors and undertones is recommended by professionals. With cinnamon cabinets, you can opt for wood, tile, or laminate floors.
  • What Color is Best for Kitchen Floor?
    The most commonly used colors for the kitchen are white and yellow. They make the space look brighter, lighter, and airer giving a much relaxed ambience.
  • Should the Floor be Lighter or Darker Than the Cabinets?
    It is best to opt for color contrast to avoid the space looking cluttered. Colors for floor and cabinets will depend on various factors such as cabinet type and style.
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