Can White Kitchen Cabinets Look Nice With Red Oak Floors

Can White Kitchen Cabinets Look Nice With Red Oak Floors
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: October 8, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

It makes sense that homeowners would want to highlight their oak flooring in kitchen remodels since oak is one of the most well-liked, long-lasting, and attractive kitchen flooring materials. How can you make your oak flooring stand out by coordinating the colors of your walls, cabinets, and natural lighting?

Since many years ago, homeowners have used honey oak wood extensively in cabinetry. Honey oak wood is durable, timeless, and has a distinct aesthetic that shouts sophistication and refinement. They work well with straightforward yet opulent kitchen concepts and are primarily employed in traditional kitchen decor settings.

The main design elements of the area will be the floor and the kitchen cabinets. Understanding how to choose the appropriate cabinet color for oak floors is crucial. The best color for cabinetry to complement oak floors has been thoroughly considered.

Things To Consider Before Selecting Cabinet’s Colors

Kitchen cabinets can be designed with various hues since oak and other natural wood species are adaptable. By continuing to read, learn whether cabinets should be lighter than the floors and the most popular cabinet color for kitchens.

Understanding the oak wood species’ natural appearance is crucial before choosing the color for your kitchen cabinets. When choosing cabinets that complement your oak floors, it is easier to visualize the colors and designs together.

If this is a DIY project, gather wooden examples from your local home improvement store, or ask a professional painter or refinisher for gallery samples of previous work. Pink and crimson tones are typical of red oak wood. On the other hand, white oak frequently features a variety of beige and brown tones.

But the hues of white oak also fluctuate widely, from medium brown to almost white.

Best Cabinet Combinations With Red Oak Floors

Gray Cabinets

The cooler neutral of grey is a nice replacement for black cabinets. Although it is not as icy as black, grey cabinets will have the same versatility as other neutrals. Black might appear to recede and absorb all hues, which explains why. Instead, grey can be cooler while having brighter colors.

Above your oak floors, this will produce a striking contrast. Gray can be connected with wood, even if modern interior designs employ it more frequently.

There are many types of wood that might have grey undertones or surfaces. Numerous rustic architectural designs, such as farm buildings or country residences, frequently adopt this appearance.

Cream Cabinets

A bright, open kitchen that appears larger than it is produced by white or cream kitchen cabinets, natural lighting, and light oak flooring.

White or cream paint colors go nicely with various countertop colors and polished stone materials if you choose to preserve your countertop instead of replacing it. Your kitchen cabinets and oak floors will clash if the color you chose for them doesn’t have enough contrast.

Darker color placement often draws the eye to a particular area. For example, the flooring will be overshadowed if your kitchen cabinets are painted a darker color than your oak flooring. Your kitchen cabinets should be painted a color lighter than your oak floors if you want to keep your space open and cheerful.

Paint your kitchen cabinets a few shades darker than your oak floors to give the impression that the space is smaller and more concentrated.

Light Yellow Cabinets

Although these hues are frequently regarded as excessively strong, they are ideal for kitchens, which should feel more vivacious and airier. Combining stronger colors with natural wood, such as red, makes employing them much simpler.

These hues are perfect for the cabinets because red and pink tones are frequently present on red oak floors. And if you use lighter white oak floors, you may use a gentle yellow for the cabinets. The furnishings and appliances in the room can be used to muffle any particularly vibrant hues.

For instance, the right countertops or backsplash can help the space feel balanced.

Wood Cabinets With Oak Floors

Redundancy results when two objects are completely identical, which is rarely good for matching. Working with natural wood may make this seem especially accurate because there won’t be as many choices for interior design.

Wood floors and wood cabinets can still be used together, however. Other designs, like cottages and other rustic types, genuinely welcome much natural wood into the picture. Although oak wood comes in various hues, wood floors and cabinets can also be stained.

This describes a top layer that can significantly alter the color of the wood. Wood stain penetrates deeply into the fibers of the wood, coating the interior and exterior. Additional ingredients that will shield the wood may be present in the stain.

This opens up a wide range of options that can heighten or diminish the impact of the kitchen’s abundance of natural wood.


Every paint color option can seem like a high stake financial decision in your kitchen because oak floors and kitchen cabinets take up much area. Although all hardwood floors are pricey, oak floors might occasionally be the most affordable option. Consequently, it is best to prepare in advance before installing oak floors.

Finding the right colors for your kitchen cabinets will ensure that no further decorating is required. Oak floors respond differently to various cabinet colors, affecting the room’s focal point and drastically altering its overall aesthetic.

Working with the appearance and temperature of oak wood flooring requires knowledge of certain techniques.

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