Maximizing Space and Style with Kitchen Cabinet Layout

Maximizing Space and Style with Kitchen Cabinet Layout
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: May 15, 2023
  • Updated On: October 18, 2023

Efficiency is the key when choosing the perfect kitchen cabinet layout. Cabinets are a big game changer whether building a new kitchen or renovating the older one. Planning a kitchen remodel always begins with a new cabinet layout is one of the best ways to bring impactful change. From the traditional to modern layout style, you have plenty of options to choose from. 

Let’s dive into the details of designer-approved cabinetry layouts that are easy to install and serve the purpose. 

How to Layout Kitchen Cabinets?

In case you are wondering how to layout kitchen cabinets and wondering where to start, then here are the steps that you need to follow:

1. Create the Design Layout

The first step is to choose a design for cabinet layout. Keep your requirements in mind regarding the design, space and features. Also, your budget is an important factor that can create an impact.

2. Consider Options

There are multiple kitchen cabinet design layouts that you can choose from for your kitchen. Go through also the aspects of choosing one particular cabinet layout plan and find the one that fulfills your requirements.

3. Seek Inspiration

Do thorough research and search for designed kitchens from different designers.This will give you an idea about what kitchen cabinet style will suit your kitchen best. You can also consult professionals here.

4. Draw Detailed Plan

Whenever planning kitchen layout make sure you draw it in detail. This will help to to understand what your kitchen wil ook like and will eliminate the chances of error.

5. Choose Material

Kitchen cabinetry comes in all styles and material options. Just like the designs, you can choose from different material options as well. From wood to fiber, there are multiple options to consider. So, choose what kind of material you want for your cabinetry. The choice of material will also depend on kitchen usage.

6. Find the Right Color Scheme

The next step in planning your kitchen cabinetry is to find a good color scheme. Make sure it coincides with your existing interior. Neutral colors are a great choice for your kitchen cabinetry.

7. Get it Done

Once you have a detailed cabinet layout, now it’s time to hire professionals to get the job done.

6 Tips to Follow While Working on Kitchen Cabinet Layout

If you are looking for how to layout your kitchen cabinets, then here are tips to consider:

1. Plan Well

The first thing to do while planning a kitchen layout is to ask yourself what tasks you most frequently do and then arrange the items as you need them. Put all the items required to perform a certain task close to save your time.

2. Focus on Vertical Storage

Just like storage drawers for lower storage, consider the storage options for vertical storage as well. Vertical storage can also be a

3. Leave Room for Movement

While planning your kitchen layout, leave the space behind for movement across the kithe. Make sure that people can easily move between the spaces.

4. Pay Attention to Corners

Whenever planning kitchen cabinets, pay attention to the corners. Keep their cleaning and swing direction in mind to make sure they remain fully functional.

5. Microwave Placement

While designing cabinet layout, also think about microwave placement and its ideal height. These parameters may vary depending on who is using the kitchen.

6. Visualize in 3-D

Once you plan your kitchen layout, visualize it in 3-D. This will help you to make any changes required in cabinetry management.

8 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Layout Ideas for Kitchens

Let’s take a look at some of the best layouts for kitchen cabinets that are used in a variety of kitchen designs.

1. One-Wall Design

For their uncomplicated design and simplicity, a one-wall design for kitchen cabinets is highly recommended for smaller spaces. Apartments, flats, lofts, and sometimes cabins too have a one-wall kitchen cabinet layout. They are easier to clean and ensure that the kitchen is fully functional within the limited space. However, these types of cabinet styles are also used for larger kitchens by designers.

2. Galley Design

To elevate the galley kitchen remodeling, two parallel walls of cabinets seem like a good choice. Galley design may have had a bad rap in the past, but as it turns out, small kitchens are best for it. You can install a mix of upper cabinets and open shelves to break down the cabinetry monotony.

3. L-Shaped Design

For a classic design, L-shaped kitchen cabinet layout is a nominal choice. Your working space is highly practical that includes the prepping and cooking section. They are versatile in design and adaptable to the large and small spaces alike. Homeowners prefer this style due to the open-plan layout which gives the feeling of more space. 

4. U-Shaped Design

One of the most common kitchen cabinet layouts is the U-shape design. It features built-in cabinets, countertops and appliances on three different sides. The fourth side is an open space where usually a sitting arrangement is added along the big kitchen island. Homeowners who want a sitting area in the kitchen promptly are in favor of a U-shape design layout.

5. Island Design

Homeowners can also build a kitchen island with lower base cabinets. This gives them extra prepping space, storage and sitting too. For a casual dining purpose, kitchen island works the best. There are tons of options to choose from especially if you have a large kitchen. 

6. G-Shaped Design

Homeowners familiar with U-shaped layouts can easily envision a G-shaped kitchen cabinet layout. The only thing is – its G-shaped. With this layout, you get four sides instead of three. This kitchen layout will offer a spacious countertop space for greater efficiency while cooking. To install this style, a 10×10-foot floor space should be available. Its considered a quality choice for medium and large kitchen spaces.  

7. Double Island Design

Like two peas in a pod, a double island design allows you to dedicate one island for meal prep while using the other for a separate sitting area. It adds more flexibility to the existing kitchen island. However, in this layout, one island is smaller than the other one. 

8. Walk-in Pantry with Cabinets

If you have even seen a commercial kitchen layout, you already are aware of the walk-in pantry/freezer where all ingredients are kept. Now who wouldn’t love to have a walk-in pantry with proper cabinets in their kitchen? Talk about the extra storage, and this is one of the best options to consider. You can store all the spices, and groceries in a separate space on the shelves and cabinets easily. 

3 Best Layout Ideas for Small Kitchens

To make the most of limited space in a small kitchen, careful planning is required. Cabinet installation cost is primarily focused on small kitchens to keep the cabinet layout budget-friendly. Therefore here are some kitchen cabinet layouts that are ideal for compact spaces:

1. Pull-Out Pantry Cabinets

Commonly known as sliding or roll-out shelves, this cabinet style is the most preferable choice for all types of kitchens. You can fit tall or base cabinets for maximum storage. 

2. Wall-Mounted Cabinets

You can easily avoid the clutter on countertops by hanging wall-mounted kitchen cabinets. These types of cabinets have multiple shelves inside so that you can place the culinary easily. 

3. Under-Sink Cabinets

It’s clever to utilize the space under the sink by installing under-sink cabinets. You can keep cleaning supplies for the kitchen inside a basket. Plus you can neatly store the garbage and recycling cans. 

7 Best Layout Ideas for Kitchen Cabinet in Modern Homes

Sleek lines, functionality, and minimalism are prominent in modern kitchen designs. Here are some popular cabinet layout options for a modern look:

1. Minimalist and Sleek Design

Contemporary houses with minimalist small galley kitchen layouts are a choice for many with limited space. These designs are sleek, simple, and based on flat-panel doors. 

2. Two-Tone Cabinets

Contrasting will never disappoint a homeowner. Hence the reason two-tone cabinet look brings more room to play with the colors and textures for upper and base cabinets. You can choose a classy way to finish cabinet ends either making it glossy or matte look. 

3. Glass-Front Cabinets

Tired of wood cabinets? Try installing glass-front cabinets. You can add a frosty look instead of a plain glass style to add a more classy look to it. 

4. Drawer Dividers

Create dividers for various kitchen tools and utensils to organize your drawers. Personalized drawer dividers keep everything tidy and accessible, encouraging a well-organized and useful kitchen.

5. Pull-Out Trash Bins and Recycling Centers

To maintain your kitchen eco-friendly and organized, use hidden waste and recycling solutions. Pull-out trash cans and recycling bins allow you to keep unsightly containers out of sight while still maintaining a tidy and eco-friendly kitchen.

6. Hidden Appliance Cabinets

Hide large appliances behind cabinet doors to maintain a sleek appearance. to keep a clean countertop. Designate certain cabinets to contain appliances like microwaves or coffee makers.

7. Floating Shelve

To give the kitchen a feeling of modernity and space, install floating shelves. Floating shelves provide the walls with a little extra visual appeal while creating a modern showcase for kitchen staples, decor, or cookbooks.

Importance of Kitchen Cabinet Layout

Cabinets shape the structure of a kitchen which is why they are the trickiest part of the remodeling project. Designers put a lot of emphasis on a functional cabinet layout because of the following reasons. 

Maximum Storage Capacity 

A cabinet layout will make or break the storage space. Therefore during a kitchen remodel design is being drawn a new cabinet layout is ideal for a better storage plan. Homeowners always want a maximum storage space even if it is a small galley kitchen remodeling. The type of cabinet you install will have an impact on the storage capacity. For example, a U-shaped cabinet style works best for a galley kitchen with ample storage space. 

Easy Accessibility

Make everything easy to access with the right ergonomics. If the right cabinet layout style is installed, you will not need to bend or reach higher unnecessarily. You can place the appliances at the perfect height without straining your back. 

Personalized Space

Every kitchen has a distinct layout based on its size and available space for modification. When remodeling, installing a new kitchen cabinet layout gives you ample room to personalize it the best way you want. You can add or subtract the extra cabinets or change their placement that best suit your needs. 

Better Organized 

The right cabinet layout will make the kitchen space more organized. To avoid any clutter you need to store excessive cutlery and appliances inside the cabinets. You can add multiple racks inside a large cabinet to utilize the maximum space. Plus, for a growing family, it is safe to keep the kitchen organized so that no sharp utensils or other kitchen items are placed in the open. 

Design Your Dream Kitchen

A functional kitchen with modern upgrades is a dream come true. If you didn’t pay attention to the kitchen cabinet layout before, now you’ll surely do. You can change the entire layout of the kitchen just by adding the right type of cabinet layout – totally revamping the space. Keep your personal preferences and budget in mind and you are good to go.


  • What Considerations Should I Make While Creating a Kitchen Cabinet Layout?
    Before changing the kitchen cabinet layout, keep the ergonomics and workflow in mind. You can utilize the space, and improve the storage and cabinet style afterward.
  • Which is the Best Kitchen Cabinet Layout for a Small Kitchen?
    For a small galley kitchen pull-out pantry or wall-mounted cabinets are the most useful choices.
  • What are Some of the Most Common Kitchen Cabinet Layouts for Larger Kitchens?
    Some of the popular choices of cabinets for a larger kitchen are U-shaped, Island, and Double Island styles. They are extremely functional and enlarge the space too.
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